Give me Options or Give Me Death

Imagine this scene. You’ve had a long day. You are late to work as usual and looking to score some coffee. You’re willing to risk the walk of shame to get it. Lauryn at the front desk will give you the eye; your supervisor will glance down at her watch, sending a surefire signal that she

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Common Sense and Public Humiliation

Here’s a scene: Demetrius comes out of his mid-sized hut to find something wrong. He had paid Henry to fix this problem. And now here it is rearing its dumb ugly head in his front yard. Everyone thought that Henry was a man with common sense. That’s why he had hired him. He was wrong,

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Denim Day 2017

Hello Everyone, Today is Denim Day and I would be remiss if I didn’t take some time to support the cause by helping bring awareness to the terrible problem of sexual violence. Sexual violence happens to both women and men, and it’s an issue that requires both women and men to end. As with most

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An Earth-Loving Disgrace

So I’ve failed the Earth again. Not only have I forgotten my darned reusable grocery bags for, hell, I don’t know how many times, but Publix Supermarkets (emphasis on super) has run out of paper bags. Really Publix? Often when I ask my grocer for paper bags I feel like a nuisance because the cashier has to leave

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A Name By Any Other Name Is Not Just As Sweet: On The Maiden Name

So last night I went to my cousin’s lingerie-themed bachelorette party and had a great time. It was an interesting study in people to see the ways in which each woman would turn the corner and make her appearance in her chosen garb. Some were full diva status with lace cutouts and plunging necklines; some clutched

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You Trying To Say I Ain’t Superwoman?

It’s 7pm over on my side of the world. A reasonable hour. I just woke up from a two hour nap. Some people have just gotten through accomplishing things. Don’t you think you’re special. Let me guess, you stopped by the grocery store; you’re making dinner; you’re doing laundry; you’re settling down with a beer

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Elephant Sanctuary, Thailand

I’ve been thinking of how to start writing about my journeys in Thailand and it’s taken me more time than I had anticipated. I’ve decided to just start with one of my favorite experiences. Just one. The Maerim Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai.