Spoons and Spaghetti

“Hmm, what an interesting title….these two things clearly don’t go together,” says my curious reader. Well, dear reader, in the world I come from these go together like….spoons and spaghetti. But I make it work nonetheless! Let me explain how the crossroads of my life met one fateful day to reveal the ghetto in me.

I had been living in my new condo for a few months, but I’m one of those people that likes to go out to friends’ houses because my house is kinda lame. So besides myself and the kids, no one was coming over for dinner. What that means to a gal like me is that I can get away with owning four forks and three spoons. One good friend of mine-  my best friend, kept insisting that I buy silverware like a normal person. But when Target has added clothes to its clearance section, that money seems wasted on stupid forks and junk. New outfit or forks? So naturally, I’d put it off. Then breaking routine one weekend, my friend brought her two kids over to play with my two kids. Let’s see now that’s 6 people…

Picture my red face and the proceeding mumbles of attempted explanation of why the grown-ups will be dicing their spaghetti and eating it with spoons. The first two children to finish eating promptly had their forks confiscated. It was an all time low for me. A day that will live in infamy.Thankfully, I crack myself up and my friend also appreciated a good ghetto experience. We laughed until our bellies hurt.We laughed and laughed at me and the situation, but mostly me… Good times. Good times.

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