Movember for the ladies.

I walked into my local nail salon to get my eyebrows waxed. The following is the conversation that transpired:

Shop Lady: (in heavy Korean accent): Hello, what would you like?

Me: Hi, I just need to get my eyebrows done.

Shop Lady: Okay. (Sizing up my face.) You want your lip too?

Me: (Laughing nervously from embarrassment) Oh, I know I need to get it done, but I’m just doing my eyebrows today.

Shop Lady: Okay, you sure? You really need it…

Me: (Smiling while glaring in a way that says my inner evil is about to come out and snatch your head right off.) No thanks, just my eyebrows.

I mean, seriously. Seriously. I promise you I only had some peach fuzz. And I’m just gonna go ahead and vent here– she wasn’t such hot stuff herself! I said it. And let me just say that I’m not just a defensive and sensitive cry baby. Had I felt like she was genuinely concerned about my well-being, my feelings would’ve stopped at embarrassment and gratitude, but she was just being mean and overly critical for my money. It was written on her face, okay! You had to be there. I hear what she’s saying. She needs to make a living too. Say what you’ve got to say. But lady, say it only once, or I’ll start throwing out pointers for free.

2 thoughts on “Movember for the ladies.

  1. Omg girl this is so freakin’ funny!!! I’m glad you didn’t take her seriously because, like you said, seriously your peach fuzz is not that serious! =)


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