Long pants only or dim lighting.

These past few days have been cold. By the standards of anyone else in any part of the country they’d say it was merely cool and pleasant. It was pleasant that I actually got to wear some winter clothes in January. The cold lasted only three days as is typical of Florida. But as is typical of me I got so excited about the return of warmth that I promptly decided to let my legs get a little exposure. The problem with this is that I’d completely forgotten my legs had been growing a winter coat. I walked out into the sunlight, already running late for work, and saw the horror clear as day. Thankfully, my hair grows light and sparse. The hairs are more like stray pricklies than a hair forest. Well, it had already taken me enough time to get dressed the first time, so I threw on some lotion in the car and hoped no one stood close enough to notice.

I’d love to say that this situation can be blamed solely on the winter days; I cannot. Too often have I looked down at my legs and thought, “Long pants or that place better have dim lighting.” This may come as a shock to you, dear Reader, as it did me, but some women shave their legs daily. UGH what drudgery to be a lady!

When it comes to daily leg shaving, I don’t want to be a lady.

WTH!!!! (By WTH I mean WTF!) Check out this Tumblr. I feel soooo much better about myself. I mean, good grief.


Sidenote: If your hair grows like anything that resembles an ant forest, please do shave your legs everyday. I don’t know what revolution is happening in the world of women, and future generations may look down on me as antiquated and close-minded. That’s okay. The hairy leg movement is one revolution I will sit out.

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