Old lady smell.

So the other night I’m getting ready to go out with my best friend. I shower and get all dolled up. And because I want to be more of a lady, I had gone out and bought myself some new fragrances. I love a just showered smell, but I wanted a little extra. I smell three of them and settle on one. Its deep and sophisticated, subtle not sharp, grown up not youthful; it was one of those kinds of nights. When I come out of the room, my friend is sitting on the couch and I plop down next to him. He sniffs me and says, “You smell like an old lady.”

Great mothballs what a fail. Apparently I’m not ladylike enough to be trusted to choose my own fragrance. That or my lady self went into overdrive and flung me a whole 40 decades into the future!

What about you? Are there any old lady traits of yours that are starting to turn up? Anything that your mother has done that’s annoyed you for years and now you’re doing it too? Let’s hear it!

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