Would some lipgloss have killed you?

One of the most dreadful feelings I have as a woman is being in a room, dressed very comfortably (for me that’s jeans and a tank), hair in a ponytail and no makeup on when another woman struts in looking totally put together. Call me vain. Go ahead, do it. I always, always think to myself, “Gosh darn it, would it have killed me to put on some lipgloss? Just a dab of lipgloss. Show the world I’m trying.”

Don’t get me wrong, there are worse feelings of dread in the life of a woman. Like when a mother walks in with four perfectly polished kids and your two kids have 1) a snot nose and 2) a syrup stain on his shirt. Oh that’s a worse feeling of dread, but I’ll save those mother scenarios for another day.

Back to the lipgloss. I’ve suffered through these scenes many many times in my adulthood. Cursing myself for not putting in just a little more to feel confident among any crowd. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a low-maintenance girl at heart and always will be. That’s why I say lipgloss and not lipstick. I need to be myself. My point is that there was something I could’ve done all those times to avoid feeling like a frumpy old sack in comparison to the Birkin bag standing next to me. Maybe for you it’s a bit of eyeliner, blush or mascara. For me these days it’s making sure my brows look good. But find that thing that makes you look and feel like you’ve made an effort to present yourself to the world, and do it. I’ve learned the hard way that it’s much better to slap on some lipgloss than hoping a certain someone trips, spills juice on their shirt and has to go home…

I’m kidding. But seriously. Think of that woman that walks into a room and makes you pissed off at yourself, and do the thing that makes you hold your head high next to her.

Sidenote: While confidence is very sexy, a little effort makes you more confident, which in turn makes you sexier. I’ve conducted the experiments. Trust me. Just do it.

Tell me, what is the beauty regimen that you can’t leave home without doing? And what is it about another woman that always get’s you green?

7 thoughts on “Would some lipgloss have killed you?

  1. I cannot leave the house without makeup, I just can’t. I feel naked without it, lol. But no matter how much time I seem to take in the morning on my face, I just throw on a sweatshirt, skinny jeans, and my dirty white Keds to wear for the day. Then at school Delaney always comes looking perfect and fabulous, and she wakes up, like, forty-five minutes after me. -___________-


    1. It’s true that the more makeup you get accustomed to wearing, the harder it seems to be to leave it alone. Being a recent follower of the let-me-do-something-about-my-face crowd, I can see the slippery slope. Remember that makeup should be more like a highlighter and not a sharpie. You’re lovely darling.


  2. I can be dressed to the nines and stylish as hell, but I never pull it off quite right. I’m not ironed flat and that lip gloss is smudged and some lady will walk by looking just effortlessly elegant, Hepburn elegant, and then it’s Fuck it, I give up. But I can be funny as hell, too, so I’ll just own that instead. Costs less, anyways.


    1. The funny as hell is true as hell and seriously, who doesn’t want to be funny? You own funny. You may just have to move on to applying Chapstick with a lovely scent or flavor!

      P.S. Everyone needs to read her stuff. It’s awesome.


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