Have my ear holes closed?!


Okay before I wrote this I had to research once and for all whether ears that were pierced in childhood could close in adulthood due to insufficient use. And the answer is…..results are mixed. (Sidenote: by research I mean I searched the internet. Like, is there any other type of research anymore?)

Just like shoes and bags, jewelry is something that I love to collect. I have tons of earrings, necklaces, bracelets. My problem is that I rarely ever wear them. This is partly because I buy my jewelry like I buy my clothes: spontaneously and haphazardly. Nothing I own ever matches what I’m wearing. But I wish that that was my main issue. If it were, I could simply go buy things- basic things- that would match. No, my main issue is that I simply don’t remember to look through my jewelry case. It just simply doesn’t cross my mind.

How often have I been getting ready for a night out only to begin growing anxious to put on a pair of earrings because I think for sure that my ear holes must be closed and I’ll have to puncture them with a sterilized safety pin? Often.

My mother likes to point out that my outfit looks great, “But why aren’t you wearing any earrings? — You don’t look dressed up…”  She’s great, but she’s also the master of a backhanded compliment.

So why? Why can’t I simply be lady-like enough to remember to put on a pair of earrings? A necklace? A Ring? Especially when I have many beautiful ones? Is it possible to look dressed up without earrings? Why am I always living in fear that my holes will close? Does anyone else have this problem? Let me know.

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