I Wanna Be a Lady… But So Many Books!

I wanna be a lady… but there are so many good books in the world.

There’s my dryer full of now cement-hardened wrinkled clothes.

There’s the shaving of my legs that must be done.

There’s the dresser I’m supposed to paint into something fresh and new.

There’s my new artwork I’m supposed to upload to my Etsy store.

And always, there’s my damned eyebrows…

But, lo and behold, I picked up a classic novel that I’ve never read before– I had a strong feeling this was the right time– and hours later (I’ve lost track of how many) I was curled up in bed telling myself “Just one more chapter” of A Tree Grows In Brooklyn.

I do declare that a Saturday with a great book (even a good one for that matter) and a cup of tea or glass of wine is one of life’s top pleasures.

My extensive to do list of be a:

responsible, sensible, focused, hard-working, put-together lady

crashed and burned once I decided to take a break and read.

My only regret, however, is that since I’ve been hitting up so many library books lately, I was well into chapter 9 before I remembered that this was my own book and I could have been underlining my favorite passages the whole time. There have been so many good ones. Blast! Guess I’ll have to go back and review it again some time. Hehe.

Let’s give a hip hip hurrah for when the perfect reading comes to you at the right time in your life. Serendipity. Or who knows, maybe it was always the right time and I didn’t know it. It’s a classic, after all, for a reason.

Have you read any books lately or in the past that made you want to shirk the world for half a day and just keep reading? Please share!

3 thoughts on “I Wanna Be a Lady… But So Many Books!

  1. I am reading the BEST fanfic trilogy right now… lol. I started it a while ago and stopped reading due to my lack of time management, but i picked it up about two weeks ago and finished the second book, and will have the third one finished any day now.


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