The Barnes and Noble People From Hell: A Rant

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These people show up to the cafe section with their child– and before you scoff, I’ve got two children of my own– and you know what they do upon their arrival? Proceed to disrupt the thought processes of everyone around them.

I get it. People have got to eat. And people have got to keep their kids entertained. But, tell me, what sort of self-absorbed moron searches the bookshelves for a loud Animal Sounds book to hand a two year old before heading to the cafe?!

So here we all are, me grading papers, this one studying some textbook and taking notes, that one quietly reading. And every 3 seconds comes some abrasive thought-piercing pig, cow and monkey yelping it’s guts out. What happened to teaching children about quiet time? Consideration for others? It didn’t help that the two women were speaking almost as loudly as the book was belting.

By the way, does any parent not regret buying those noisy books about an hour after purchase? The car ride home tends to be when regret sinks in. We don’t even make it to the house before we start cursing our utter lack of common sense and foresight. Back to the loonies…

In keeping with their vile lack of decorum, they left their table looking like every crumb of biscotti or whatever that had entered their mouth had promptly fallen out. I kid you not, the entire table looked as if a group of toddlers just had toast for brunch…

Now that I think of it, the child was the only thing about them that didn’t aggravate me. Poor kid.


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