Should I Be Tweeting?

Sometimes I think to myself, I’d love to just share this little thought that just popped into my head, or this interesting fact I’ve just discovered, or this hilarious thing that just happened to me. There should be a thing for that. And then I remember. Twitter. Duh.

The thing is, none of my friends or family use it, so I always just assume that no one is using it. Which is absurd because my friends aren’t a microcosm for the whole of society. That, and well obviously, people use it. And yet, it makes me wonder, is it worth it for me?

You see, I’m what you might call a social media hermit. Except that I’m everywhere. How does that make sense? Well, privacy settings, mainly. I’m a private person. And yet, I’ve still managed to accumulate a mass of social platforms. Damn.

Instagram: When I got on Instagram, I was the last of my friends to get it. I remember posting a picture and waiting for something to happen. When I explained to my friends days later that I didn’t get it, and they realized that I was set on private, was following no one and had no one following me, they practically laughed me out of the house. Now, I’m still private and only accept those who I know or have met with face to face. Later, I opened another account just for fashion posts (@quirkyandlush). I also have a separate account for my advice and motivation site for young women (@iwannabealady). That’s 3 IGs. Yikes.

Facebook: I only opened a Facebook account less than a year ago. It’s not because I got sick of being the weirdo who never had a FB account at parties. Apparently, people don’t ask for phone numbers anymore. I realized that my friends were up to a lot and it’s a bit quicker for me to check their status then call them on the phone and ask about it. That sounds horrible. I was sick of missing the inside jokes and such about things they’d posted. I have a small close circle of friends; I only follow 11 people; and yet, I find it quite difficult to even keep up with their posts. Did you see that thing I posted, they ask me. Uh, really, when? is my response. I have no idea how most people manage to keep up with dozens or hundreds of people and still find room to have a life. I can see my huge family lurking by the doors, sending me friend requests. I know they bring more with them. Every single individual is like a mule carrying with them dozens more requests from aunts and cousins and 3rd cousins, and people I don’t even know in the least by any association. I shudder to think.

Snapchat: I follow and am followed by 6 people on Snapchat. I love being able to be as outrageous as I want to be and not worry. I don’t get embarrassed with my close friends and they accept my loads of wackiness. Following 6 people is as much as I can handle. How many times a day can I watch videos of their dogs anyway. Ohh, I’m being mean. Thankfully, most of them don’t read my blog because I’m guessing they’re trying to stay up-to-date on their social media. Yup.

My Blogs: If I could, I would work at writing for my blogs as a full-time thing. I love writing, always have. I edit my work endlessly. I love the process. Finding the right word. The movement of a sentence to a more appropriate location. It’s delicious. I love the interactions with other bloggers; the witticisms; the comradery; the learning; the sharing of experiences. The more time I spend on my blog, the more time I want to spend. I’m often frustrated that I can’t make more time for reading the blogs I follow and discovering new ones. If we could make blogging and traveling my job, that would be great. So, what do you say? Let’s make it happen! I started this blog recently as a way to showcase more of my travel writing and experiences without taking up too much space here on my main blog, which is more varied. To be honest, it often takes a back seat, and I don’t like that. I’ve thought about cancelling it, but it seems to be getting a continuous growth in followers and my goal is to perfect my travel writing (and do a lot more traveling) so maybe I just shouldn’t put pressure on myself and keep it casual. This is a vlog that I started specifically for girls- young ladies to twenty-somethings. It’s dedicated to giving them advice on how to build confidence, stay true to themselves, get to know who they are, having standards, there’s conservation topics and fashion for good measure, and you get the picture. I’m very passionate about helping girls to grow and become the unique and empowered women they have the potential to be. This one-size-fits-all idea of society just isn’t working out and our youth are suffering because of it. I see it everyday as a teacher. I’ve noticed that I tend to get more views on YouTube than the site. Go figure, my audience is young. So I’m considering dropping the website and keeping the Tube videos alone. Ugh.

Much to think about. So you see why I may be reluctant to open myself up to another social media platform. I’m up to my eyeballs in it, and I’m not even a big social media person. Does it sound crazy for me to say I have no idea how this happened?

Well, okay, I’m multi-passionate. I want to do so many things, and I’m interested in so many things. It’s a blessing and a curse. But when I feel the urge to experience something, or try something new, I have to do it. Like starting my fashion account on IG. Will I do it forever? Probably not. Half the time I take photos and then don’t feel like uploading and editing. But I liked the experience. Maybe I can gradually insert all of those fashion posts into my blog? My fashion category needs a boost anyhow.

I’m wondering about how to consolidate my social media life without major sacrifices of the things I love. So should I even be considering Twitter? How many of you are on Twitter? Would you follow me? Am I crazy? Am I crazy??! I think I want to do it. It doesn’t seem to involve much effort or time, but of course, I haven’t looked into it at all and only have vague ideas.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and where you are on the social media scale. How are you managing? Are you enjoying it or are you ready to throw it all away, or something in between?

31 thoughts on “Should I Be Tweeting?

  1. I tried Instagram, but couldn’t stick with it cause I’m not a photo person. I do lots of text posts, and occasionally photos, so it didn’t make sense in the long-run.

    That being said, I tried Twitter and for awhile didn’t like it. I think that’s because I saw it as “same as facebook, only more people can see it and posts are shorter.” No, it’s not the same as Facebook though, and as soon as I saw it as different, I think I liked it more than Facebook.

    It’s more for engaging with the public. It’s great for hashtags and building a community outside of in-person friends. It’s for opinionated people and entrepeneurs and getting out of the cultural bubble we each have. It’s for bonding with total strangers and opening up to new perspectives. I LOVE it! It has its downsides, like any platform, but it’s my current fav.

    Oh and yes, I would ABSOLUTELY follow you if you start one ❤

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    1. Amy, oh my goodness, thank you for the detailed comment. This is so helpful and just what I was hoping to hear about Twitter. I was also thinking maybe it’s like Facebook, but I have so few friends their and have been enjoying branching out. Thanks for the support darling, you’re awesome!

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  2. I’m on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Don’t ask me anything about Snapchat. I’m not young enough to have it figured out yet! I love IG the most because people there are so free with their information, but my strongest following is on FB because I have been on that for years, and that is why I pay to advertise my blog only through them so far. IG feels like a real community, especially since I finally got a grasp on the # concept. I recommend and use If This Then That, it is a website that lets you automate your social media shares, which takes a little of the work out of having multiple platforms. My Twitter following has been growing daily since automating my posts to Twitter. Since you’re like me, and want to eventually blog for a living, you have to figure out how to leverage social media as efficiently as possible in your favor. Try out, it’s free. Holla at me if I can help you with it.

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    1. Thanks so much, Takiela. I’ll definitely check out that website. I get nervous about automatic settings, like something might go wrong or timing might be bad. But I’m thinking of ways to make it work. You know I’ll hit you up if I need you, boo 🙂

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  3. I wish I had more time to respond, but I gotta be quick. I relate to so much you shared here. I’m still figuring it all out as well. While I like a lot about social media, I feel it often distracts me from what I love — writing. Yet, it is necessary in some ways just to be in the know with my close friends.

    I use a pen name on my blog, just cause I can work things out & not stress that my mom’s English teacher pals are gonna judge me (yes I care and I simultaneously HATE that I care.) I wasn’t doing much social media with the blog, so I decided to go for it with my pen name. But…I rarely post to those FB, IG & Twitter accounts (cause they distract me from writing), but it’s nice having them & I occasionally pop in. It can be challenging having multiple accounts, but I like having things separate. There’s some crossover but not a lot at this point.

    It’s a process figuring it all out for sure. I think it’s pretty individual & you seem like you’re on the right path figuring out what’s best for you.

    The other reason I would say yes, get a Twitter account, is simply because Twitter is relevant in our world today & it’s nice to know how it works, all that. Good luck!

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    1. You do sound a lot like me! I don’t want to be distracted from what I love, but I want to have a broader reach and connect more closely with my readers. I suppose that it’s my life and I can always add or cancel if it becomes burdensome. I value freedom so much!

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  4. HOLY FRIJOLES Lyz!!! Eight social platforms and you want a NINTH!!!? Uh… yea, “crazy” would be starting a ninth in my personal opinion. 😮 Hahaha

    However, I do realize that I am a Bohemian Renaissance man and I will ALWAYS prefer 1) face-to-face conversations, and 2) live on the phone conversations… in that order of preference! #3 varies depending on the person communicating, their articulating-artistry really, an above average sense of humor, and whether they can carry a conversation on practically ANY subject under the Sun or Moon! I don’t demand a whole lot, right? 😀 😉

    Twitter or not to Twitter? I’d say that if you want to keep up with EVERYTHING the U.S. government is up to — secrets, how horrible the last administration was, who has been fired on a daily basis, or how bigly crowds are — then get on Twitter. I mean the POTUS seems to have perfected everything in 140-characters or less! 😛

    Now I most CERTAINLY got on Twitter to follow Stephen Colbert!!! Hahahaha!

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    1. Okay, I totally understand the points that you’re making! I’m planning to cut back on some of them so that it wouldn’t be adding to the pile. It also helps that I’m very infrequent with my personal social media and keep my followers down to very small numbers. Limits the amount of scrolling that I do and info that I have to process.

      I don’t plan on getting into any politics on social media. It’s soul-sucking and I refuse. I’d probably only follow comedians and other interesting people, (like Stephen Colbert!) but in a very limited way. If the platform forces information on me, I’ll cancel that son of a bitch. Right now, I’m just mulling things over and deciding what to keep and toss, or add.
      Thanks for the honesty as I’m really trying to get perspective. As a side note, since you liked those suede boots, check out my IG @quirkyandlush to see what else I’ve got. 🙂 You seem a fashion lover.

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      1. “Fashion lover”? What gave it away?

        If you’d like a small taste of Steampunk, I do have one or three blog-pages on the style. I certainly checked out your @quirkyandlush photos immediately — I won’t say HOW immediately (wink) — with what little time I had earlier. Should I go back and view more/all? We do seem to have similiar fond flairs for fashion (whew! say that fast 5-times!)… and peculiar sophistication?

        And on the political spin of my Twitter remark, I was being my usual cheeky comic, not real serious. Your time on social-media is how/what YOU make it anyway, right? I much prefer WordPress over everything because in my view it’s more substantial (in-depth?), engaging, impactful, and allows for so much freedom of expression in a more appropriate time-frame — FB and most others are not conducive to meaningful constructive dialogue. For me, yuk! Blah. Hahaha But those are just my limited personal perspectives of course. I do like IG for its (strict?) graphic features/abilities! I’m sure you perfectly aware of your time constraints being a Mom of two, working full-time, etc. If you are a “multi-lover”, then you likely thrive in multi-tasking so Twitter might be for you. 🙂 ❤

        And yes, I would absolutely follow you Lyz. I'm on there: @ProfessorTaboo. But nowhere near as much as I am on WordPress. HAH!

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        1. Gosh, I need a better cheeky-detector. I’m ashamed of this one. What gave it away was your commenting on my suede boots that one time. Not much to go on, but enough 🙂 I def prefer blog interactions to all others for sure. But I’m also fond of cute little sweet nothings and funny nonsense and I have many random thoughts that have nowhere to go and are looking for a home. Thanks for offering yours, it’s much appreciated.

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  5. I have instagram, twitter, snapchat and facebook. Like you, I have only a handful of people on snapchat, and I barely use facebook. Instagram only really gets used when I’m traveling, but twitter… twitter is my first social media love. I use it to get my news, to chat to people, to post random thoughts… I love it. I love that you can keep it as big or as small as you want, that you can be as private or public as you need. I love the GIFs and the exchanges you have with people from all over… it’s my thing. I’ve been on it years and my usage goes through phases but for sure if you join, I’ll follow!

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    1. Boy am I glad to hear that it can be as big or small as I want it to be. Just like you, I think it could be my thing more than any of the other apps. My random thoughts are thirsting for attention, and I’d love to hear what kind of randomness goes on in other people’s minds as well. And seeing that you always make me laugh, I’d follow you to Mexico and beyond. I’m really easy, and a cheap date!


  6. Well I have twitter and I would obviously follow you 🙂
    There are days and weeks me not using it at all and then there are moment where I use it like ten times a day. It sounds weird but it makes a lot of fun “talking” via twitter to people you’re usually not in privat contact with, and it’s more communical than fb or Instagram where ou don’t really communicate but sshow off your pics and your wonderful life 😀 I didn#t get than before being kinda really active on twitter but now I enjoy it 😀
    See you, Saskia xxx

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  7. Blog is my main. FB next but it’s for personal use with friends and family. Twitter I use in small doses (I have my blog posts set to publish on there and somehow that’s gained me a hundred of so followers). I don’t IG because I don’t really take a lot of pictures. The biggie for me is email. Sooooo much time spent on email. Oh and Pinterest. Man that thing’s a time thief!

    I’d say, think about what you want to get out of your social media and so use accordingly. 😊

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    1. Oh, know all about Pinterest and its evil heavenly ways. I’m notoriously terrible at checking email. I know you do a lot of freelance writing and collaborations, so your email must be crazy!

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      1. And it really does take time. An 800 word article for me takes 20 minutes. For a client it takes an hour and a half by the time I research it properly, link, add images… do a few a day and there goes your day!

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  8. I’m only on three places. FB, IG (my twin coaxed me into joining), and Twitter. If you were to join, I’d definitely follow you. I currently have a 500+ following of mainly professionals whom I hardly know but learn from them everyday. Twitter is the best platform to keep up with the world in a summary of occurrences. That’s about it for me.
    I prefer professional networking sites like LinkedIn though..

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    1. Jainey! I joined Twitter very recently. Ice decided to go for it. It’s @iwannabealady1 and I would so appreciate your following me 😊 What’s your Twitter? I just updated my LinkedIn last night when I finally decided to be more active in seeking freelance writing work. The condition of it was dismal before. As a teacher, I was pretty much like, screw it, no one’s interested in this hahaha. It’s better now!

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