Why Your Drafts Folder Is Stacking Up

5? 10? 15? How many drafts do you have sitting in your box?

7 is my current number. There’s a part of me that likes to see a high number in my drafts folder. There’s something soothing about not having to start from scratch. Knowing that something is needing you in order to feel whole, quite frankly, feels good. You therapists out there can analyze me if you like.

There is, however, a dark side to a stacked Draft folder. It’s called delusion. There have been days (we’ve probably all had them) when lethargy hits us and we’re looking for easy street. We put off posting because “I’ve got plenty of drafts in my folder. I’m sure I can find something worth posting, right?”


If you’re anything like me, you think everything in your drafts folder is trash. Either that, or it’s got 4 more days worth of growing up to do. As I write this now, I have in mind to post it within the hour. It is now 5:50p.m. Let’s see what happens.

For me, more often than not, a fat draft box turns out to be a disappointment. I’ve even got a couple of posts in there that have only gotten so far as the title. Anticlimactic. Like meeting a hot guy with no personality.

Sometimes, I feel like my posts look at me to release them like those shriveled up little mer-people held captive by Ursula in The Little Mermaid.


So here are a list of the reasons why I believe my draft box is currently stacked, with no signs of any of the posts making it into the game this week.

Most often, time is the culprit. I can’t find the time– or the right time– to press Publish.

Possible Reason 1: You wrote about something that happened at night, but by the time you “finish” revising, it’s morning. You can change or delete all of your time-related descriptions, your ‘tonights’ to ‘last night’ or your ‘sunsets’ to ‘sunrises’, or you can try to catch tomorrow night’s blog train.

Possible Reason 2: You’ve published a few lengthy pieces in a row. Bloggers don’t like too many long posts. There’s just so much time in the day, so many blogs to read, comments to make. I read somewhere recently that it’s best to “Keep it under 1000 words.” What? Huh? Damn. The one you were about to post is your 3rd 1700 word manifesto in a row. Maybe in a few more days…

Possible Reason 3: You had a post about the Plight of the Polar Bears ready to go, and one of your followers publishes a post about the very same thing! And now you have to wait forever. You ain’t no copy cat. No, really, you didn’t copy, but you’ve got to wait anyhow.

Possible Reason 4: Your post was about Earth Day, but when Earth Day came, you weren’t sure if the piece was any good or just plain rubbish. So you languished. Then the day was over. Till next year, post!

Possible Reason 5: Children.  If you had the time, you’d revise and edit those crumby drafts, but…

“Momma, I have my Band concert, remember?”

“Momma, can (yes, they say can) we stop by Target?”

Momma, can we stop by the library? The bookstore? Game Stop?”

Child: “Momma, I can’t find my shoes anywhere.”

Mom: “Did you look in the _______?” In the ________?” Under the _______?” “Oh, you found it right under your nose? Okay.”

Momma, may you come here please?” “Momma, may you come here please?” “Momma, may you come here please?” (This is an actual transcript of audio obtained from my home.)

Possible Reason 6: Somebody is a perfectionist and cannot send a piece out for publication until it’s perfect, in that moment. Okay, we’re talking about me. I’d call it my secret vice, but it’s not a vice. I can stop whenever I want. I just don’t want to. It makes me feel good. And why not be the best that I can be?

So these are just some of the reasons why my draft box has too much going on? Have I missed any? What does your draft box look like? Can you relate to any of these?


14 thoughts on “Why Your Drafts Folder Is Stacking Up

  1. Twelve! The number of drafts currently in my box is 12. Your reason number 4 made me laugh. I had a diy draft about how I make mother’s day handprint dishes with my kindergarteners. I missed the cutoff, so I’ll try for next year! Lol!

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    1. Whoa! On the one hand, I have no idea what that feels like, but on the other hand, I can believe you because your blog has a freshness to it. You’re always talking in the moment, your thoughts, feelings and plans in the present. Do you like never having drafts saved?

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      1. I have never though about it. Blogging is a very natural and immediate experience for me. I take 10, 15 minutes, 30 minutes maximum to write a post. None of it is planned so I just don’t make drafts. And I don’t even go back and review that much, I just write like in the way that I would be speaking

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    1. I suppose it depends on if your ambition is to be a writer, or I should say, if you wish to write as a writer would. It’s a more thoughtful process. I’m wondering if the friends who gave you that advice were writers?

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  2. I currently have 9. Pretty respectable. I’ve had it up to 20 once, I don’t even know what I’m talking about in some of them. I am a little of a perfectionist, and unless I’m really happy with the post, I won’t hit publish. Not yet anyway 🙂

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    1. I totally understand what you mean. It’s so hard for me to press publish! Every time I reread, I find something to improve. I’m glad to know that little tidbit about you 🙂 I’ve gone back to things that I thought were clear and well-written, and it turned out to be partly gibberish lol


  3. I generally don’t have any drafts saved – the only time I usually have anything saved is if I’m pre-scheduling posts before going on holiday to be posted while I’m away, and I’ve only done that a couple of times… 🙂


  4. I always have this anxiety with scheduling posts that some grave error will be overlooked for a week before I realize it. It’s a problem I have, creating problems that don’t exist haha.


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