My Weekend: Books and Beaches


It starts with the announcement that my favorite bookstore is having it’s $2 sale. Every book, no matter how old and beautiful or how new and shiny, is on sale.
Comfortable shoes. Check. My two children. Check. My life’s savings. Check.

As you’d expect, we spend a good deal of time browsing the shelves and boxes of books. I find…. too many. My Reason tells me to get my butt out of that place. So do my children, to be honest. But I’m in a magical place, and if I didn’t stop to admire the magic, I’d be ungrateful for the beauty of the world, namely, books for the purpose of this post. Even though we left 2 hours sooner than if I had more choice in the matter, I still managed to leave with a boxful.

I don’t know how this happens to me. I don’t care. It’s a painful ecstasy.

These don’t include what my kids chose. All mine.

I think I’d like to do a post showcasing the new books in my collection. Nothing crazy. Just the cover and maybe a sentence.

Other than that, Saturday held a pool party, teaching my daughter to ride her bike and… an introduction to Stranger Things. They say they are ready for it! Am I making a mistake? It’s t.v. magic! I want them to experience the show when it’s happening, so that they can also experience the culture of the show in the dawn of its creation and have a lengthy life as a follower of the show.

That was my justification, apparently.


The weather is incredible. Beautiful. Otherworldly. Except no other known world has this magic but our Earth. The clouds are shining today. They are glowing. The blue sky is glowing. The wind is blowing. It is a perfect beach day. And so, because I am not one to waste perfect opportunities, I slide into my swimsuit, grab my chair, a towel, snacks and beverages to keep me cool on this very hot day. This is going to be good.

I got locked out of my account and had to pay the old school way. Creeped me out.

Fort Lauderdale Beach, May 2017


The only reason I left the beach after 3 hours of lounging and splashing in the perfectly warm and gently swelling water is because my meter was about to expire. I can’t believe people are still dealing with something like this. I need my Pay-By-Phone back!

Larger waves then usual, but we’ve seen much bigger.


Sun, water, sand.

Not just about parties. Plenty of families are here, as well. Everyone’s welcome.


My evening consisted of riding my bike, a lot of writing and reading. The light was so beautiful in the house that it really transported me. It was so breezy that I had the windows open and an endless breeze streamed in through the window behind me. I could swear it felt exactly like the waves of ocean that surrounded me earlier.



I reuse glass bottles for water. Save the Earth!

Anyway, that was my weekend. How was everybody else’s? Anything good out there?

6 thoughts on “My Weekend: Books and Beaches

  1. Yes, start! Have fun, fellow book hoarder. I’m sure your next weekend will be a great one. 🙂 Plan one cool thing to do now so you have something to look forward to.


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