Fort Lauderdale Waterways, the Venice of America

Fort Lauderdale is known to travelers and natives alike as the Venice of America, and a drive down most of it’s roadways will easily explain the title. There is water everywhere. Having grown up here, I took for granted the canals and waterways that I saw all around me every day. As a child especially, the beach and the boats was perfectly normal. But don’t worry, I’ve grown to appreciate the beauty of Fort Lauderdale, and I’ve decided to share it with all of you through a series highlighting all of the beauty and fun of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Let’s start by adding water.

If it’s sparkling water and boats you’re after, head downtown to Riverwalk. There you’ll find a long winding path along the water’s edge where you can come close enough to touch the boats and yachts and mega yachts that are ubiquitous to the Florida landscape.

Riverwalk is perfect for walkers and bike riders. No bike? There are many

RiverWalk is perfect for walkers and bike riders. No bike? There are many cruisers available for rent.


As you can see, there is plenty of seating. Pack a lunch or grab something from a nearby food truck and watch the vessels, large and small, ripple down the waterways. A word of caution: the iguanas also love basking in the sun.

This one was basking just a few feet from where I was standing. A woman on a boat pointed him out to me.

Sometimes you can catch the bridge rising. Waiting for bridges in downtown Fort Lauderdale is expected. We all have to share- drivers, bikers, walkers and boaters.


Added to the beauty of the waterways, downtown has a flurry of activity when it’s time for the numerous art walks, jazz festivals and concerts hosted by the city.


Get up close.


Maybe you’d like to lounge at one of the many waterfront restaurants. If you’ve got a boat, docking is pretty simple.

IMG_9678IMG_9690If you don’t own your own boat, but you’d like to experience our waterways from the water, there are a number of water taxis, often free, and chartered boat rentals. There are also boat tours that will take you through the waterways, your captain pointing out the homes of the rich and famous. It’s a great way to see the varied architecture of South Florida’s most expensive properties.


This is not a water taxi.

Although paddle boarding and kayaking can be done in a great number of our waterways, and there are many, Riverwalk is far too busy with boat traffic.

The water is not clear by any means, but sometimes you can get lucky and catch sight of a nearby manatee.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this small bit of what Fort Lauderdale has to offer. It’s a beautiful place that I’m appreciating more and more as time goes on.

18 thoughts on “Fort Lauderdale Waterways, the Venice of America

    1. That’s great! Where do you come down from? The night life is definitely on in this city. I was thinking of posting about it, but it’ll take a while as I haven’t been partying as much as I used to 🙄


    1. We have the most beautiful beaches in America right here! You guys must come. I can’t believe it’s the iguanas that sold you. You can take them back home with you. They weird me out. Saw one in Miami once, had to have been 15 feet minimum. (Shudder) I just how unique everyone is 🙂

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  1. This looks really cool! I love these waterways cutting through the town 😀
    Also, that iguana is so interesting! I have never seen one in person, except for the zoo XD


  2. What a beautiful city! I also love the pictures you made of it! Have you ever been to Venice? I went there 2 years ago but I didn’t like it that much actually. The city itself was super grey and old (and not in a good way). Oh and it was hard to walk there because of ALL the tourists haha. Great post, xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! I’ve never been to Venice. I’ve only seen pictures but I’ve had a sneaking feeling that it is really crowded with tourists. It’s such a shame, we all want to go, but we want everyone to get out first. Maybe I shouldn’t be telling everyone about Fort Lauderdale lol.

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  3. It is beautiful alright and your photos are gorgeous. I loved the one of that particular sunbather, (you know which one) 😉 If I did turn around and spot it next to me though I would dive into the waters. This keeping in mind the fact that I have forgotten the art of swimming.

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    1. Thank you. I parked my car in a garage downtown and just walked around for hours taking pictures. It was such a great experience that I’d like to do more of.
      Those iguanas don’t mind the water either, so you’re better off running towards land. As for myself, I did jump out of my seat and scurry over to give it some space.

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      1. You just saved me from the fate of being chased by an iguana and death by drowning. Fantastic. Of course, the thought occurs that it might just not even be interested in mere mortals. Yes, I shall clutch onto that bit of straw.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s actually a pretty hilarious scene, you running from an iguana and jumping into the canal then remembering, oh crap, I’ve forgotten how to swim. Adi would sigh and be obliged to jump in after you. It’s either that or your body will remember how it’s done and take over out of sheer survival.

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