Unexpected Praise

This afternoon my daughter’s 3rd grade teacher called me personally to tell me how proud she was of my daughter’s progress this year, and the progress that they made as a class. As a mom and teacher, I appreciate this.

When I informed her that she was with her father this week, and that I could email him the details of our conversation. As a parent of children of divorce and a teacher to children of divorce, I know that teacher’s often expend more energy and time on these children. It’s the nature of the job. That’s why I had made the offer. Here she was giving of her time. She laughed and said that she’d be calling him as well. This is commitment. As a teacher, I’m impressed by this. 

Then she said that me and my ex should write a book on how to be divorced and dysfunctional, yet very functional. She said that my daughter was so well-adjusted while living in two homes whose parents couldn’t stand each other, and that she was very impressed. I had no idea that we were doing so well. Here I had been thinking the whole school year that she thought me careless and failing. I tried, but it never seemed to be good enough. As a mom, I am in awe.


I’m in awe at life. The way that sometimes what we think is reality is only our singular perception of a world view. I’m in awe that she called and said, “Job well done.” I’ve just remembered the joy of getting a sticker.

Thank you, Ms. Clair.

Job Well Done 👍

35 thoughts on “Unexpected Praise

  1. Oh, honey! Congratulations on your life job (I mean, be a mother is a job for the rest of your life). I understand how difficult it is and when parents don’t leave together it gets worse, but congrats to you, really happy to hear this!!

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            1. Oh she’s a young teacher, and I sent her the direct link. My parents are still trying to understand what a blog is exactly. And getting onto the internet to find out is much too daunting for them. Hahaha Same boat here.

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            2. Lol, my just says, “Do you get money from it?” That’s what old school parents understand. 🙂 So yeah, I figure when I’m world famous they’ll come around to getting it or they’ll stay oblivious regardless. Probably the second outcome…

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  2. BRAVO Lyz, bravo! You SHOULD embrace the well-adjusted functioning dysfunction! 😛

    As a divorced Dad since 2002 of two (well-adjusted) kids I can totally relate. I have a ton of thoughts, experiences, and lessons-learned I could share, but this is about you and YOUR success. I echo Ms. Clair…

    Job Well Done Ms. Lyz, well done. ❤

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    1. Thank you Professor, it was definitely a team effort all around, my daughter and Ms. Clair being the strongest links involved. But I’m so proud to have helped raise a child who really stepped up to the plate and gave it a good go. She saw the great rewards of hard work, which is what every parent hopes to see and teach.


    1. It was very nice of her. I can’t imagine how many hours she spent making those phone calls. I can’t take all of the credit, but I’ll definitely take the compliment. Thank you kindly. 🙂

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  3. That is so beautiful to hear! Your daughter is only 3 years old but she already good in class. It’s so cool that you shared this story. I don’t have a kid but it’ll probably amazing to hear from another person that your kid is doing great and that your kid is making such a progress. It’s also amazing that she can live with divorced parents. It must be hard for you too to be a single mom. Glad that you wrote this and maybe you even inspired people with your story! Have a great weekend xo

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    1. Anne, thank you so much for your nice comment. My daughter is 9yrs in the 3rd grade, but she is still pretty young and has a great head on her shoulders. I appreciate that you like reading the story and I hope you have an awesome weekend too. Where are you from?

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        1. Oh it’s fine. Maybe I wasn’t clear myself in how I wrote it. I’m from Florida, USA. South Florida to be exact. We’re in Fort Lauderdale which is one city north of Miami. I would love to visit the Netherlands one day. I can imagine that its so different from here.

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          1. I do speak English quite good (I think) but I don’t understand everything always, haha. I have that problem every now and than, but my English is getting better and better. Oh, that is so cool. I’d love to visit Miami once, but I’ve never heard of Fort Lauderdale. I’m going to search it up on google right now. I’m super interested in the American culture and the cities so I love to find out new things about it and new cities! I think NL or Europe in general is different than the US. You should definitely visit our continent sometime! And if you do, I’d love to give you some travel tips! 😉

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            1. Actually if you check out my travel blog wanderingandroaming.wordpress.com you’ll see some posts that I’ve added about Fort Lauderdale as well. It’s a more laid back sister to Miami I would say. Miami is the high-maintenance older sister.
              I can’t wait to visit Europe and I’m actually going to Paris in September. I would welcome any and all travel tips that you can give me. Of course, I’ll be having to visit multiple times.
              America is so vast and has so many different culture and landscapes. It really is a very cool place. My goal is to also spend more time traveling this continent, which will take a lifetime. I don’t mind that, of course.

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            2. Thank you so much for the link, I will definitely check it out. I also searched the town up on google, it looks BEAUTIFUL! It will probably on my travel bucket-list too! Paris is a great city! Are you going to Paris only or are you visiting Disneyland too? I’d love to travel too, I hope I can visit a lot more places I want to in the upcoming years!

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            3. It really is beautiful. I’m thinking about closing that blog and just moving everything over to this one. Just seems to make more sense to me. Orlando, Florida has the original Disney and almost everyone here has gone at least a few times. It’s 4 hours from me. Every big school trip was to one of the theme parks, so I won’t be going while there. I plan on walking the streets and staring at buildings and taking hundreds of photos while there. I haven’t decided yet, but I may take the train to London for a day or 2. I’ll probably decide when I get there.
              I know that you’ll make your dream to travel more a reality. I have really just started to travel a lot more and I’m in my 30s. It’s better late than never. Just stay focused on you’ll do it. Maybe I’ll see you when you reach Fort Lauderdale!

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            4. If you want, I could send you a couple of places you need to visit in London or Paris. They are probably touristic places but maybe I can tell you something new! I’ve been to both cities once and I saw a lot, maybe I give you inspiration? You’re totally right, better late than never. It’s great that you’re still wanting to travel the world. Is your daughter coming with you to Paris?

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            5. Thank you, I’d appreciate hearing your tips very much! Could you please email me at contact@iwannabealady.com

              My kids aren’t going with me to Paris. Too expensive for me right now. But I am taking them to New York City for their first time next week. I had to wait this long for my dream vacation, they can start a little smaller lol 🙂

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            6. I will e-mail you tonight or tomorrow (it’s dinner time here already). Totally understand that you’re not taking them with you. Maybe when they are older and they can really experience the culture. Have fun in NYC, that city seems like such a dream!

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  4. This is so amazing. You must be a proud mom. You and your ex must to be very civilized people and amazing parents. It’s not often that a child whose parents are divorced is so well-adjusted and thriving. You are a great mom, Lyz. Congratulations. Your girl must be adorable.

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      1. hahaha she might still tolerate it at 9 but not at 16, though. So you can’t get away with it much longer. Can I ask you her name? Your boy is Austin, right? (We have a cousin named Austin, he’s American)

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        1. Her name is Cheyenne and her nickname is Annie, which I love. I am holding on to the delusion that me and her will be even closer at 16 then we are even now. I’m living in a dream world and I refuse to let it go!


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