5 Things I Love At Home

At the risk of sounding full of myself, I’m going to say that I love my home. I love the way that it’s been evolving over time. I love the pieces that I’ve acquired and the color palette that I’ve built. I love the eclectic, randomly gathered, pieced together over time look that it has.

And because I have this feeling that many of you dig my style as well, I’d like to start a series of highlighting some of my favorite things around my home. I hope that it might inspire you to see beauty in the old, to re-imagine what you already have or find, to motivate you to make your home more beautiful, and to show you how to do it rather inexpensively. 

p.s. I’m aware that my table cloth is very wrinkled. I’ll do better next time, darlings.

Here’s my first set of 5 in no particular order!

1. My set of slim candlesticks and my mirrored tray.

I have a large collection of candleholders tucked into different areas of the house. I have glass, brass and silver. But what I love specifically about these candleholders are their simplicity. They have a quiet practicality about them, but they are also lovely to look at, especially when grouped together. Of course, I also like that they are of so many differing heights, which creates visual interest


I got the candle holders and the mirrored tray at separate times, but since they look so good together and the tray makes moving everything very practical, I’ve let them marry. Both are thrift store finds.

2. Pink Glass Bowls

I like to use these for something like serving ice cream or pistachios.

Pink glass serving bowlsPink glass serving bowls

These bowls were a thrift store find as well. Never forget to check out the dining section. I’ve found lovely bowls, serving trays and tea cups there.

3. My silver teapot

I had been looking for a pretty teapot for years. Many years ago, I worked in a tea shop that was full of beautiful pots that I couldn’t afford. This one, however, only cost me $3. I haven’t gotten the chance to use it yet for company, which reminds me that there’s no reason I haven’t yet used it for myself. I’m going to go make some tea now.

Carved silver teapotCarved silver teapotCarved silver teapotCarved silver teapot

I don’t know much about Moroccan design, but this feels Moroccan to me, and it’s somewhere that I’ve always dreamed of going. I think I’ll use it in a really lush table setting. I’ll show you soon.

4. This milky green cake stand.

I actually have 3 cake stands and none with a lid. It’s quite annoying that I haven’t been able to purchase one separately. I love how this one is large enough for a full sized cake (my others are smaller) and that it has this sweet flower petal detailing around the edges.

Pale green cake stand floral design

Pale green cake stand floral design

It reminds me of springtime, which was when I bought it. It’s always a great time for me to go shopping because stores have a good supply of merchandise in two my favorite colors- shades of green and pink, as you can probably tell.

5. The turquoise mirror and shelf

This shelf and mirror belonged to my parents. It was originally a gaudy gold and I really wanted to modernize it with color. Just some spray paint made it pretty cool.

Turquoise mirror and shelf refurbished

Turquoise mirror and shelf refurbished

Turquoise mirror and shelf refurbished


Turquoise mirror and shelf refurbished

I keep it right next to my front door to hold my keys and sunglasses. I love it’s mix of antique flourishes and modern color. A pretty good representation of my decorating style.

The cake stand is the only item that I paid more than $10 for. You can have a really lovely, cool, unique home if you keep your eye out for cool objects. Remember that you can always change a color or fabric. You can always make little everyday activities like eating ice cream a bit more special.

I hope you liked this post! What was your favorite piece? Also, are there any ways that you make your daily life more beautiful?

10 thoughts on “5 Things I Love At Home

      1. Love the post and your curious, peculiar choice of story-telling non-matching home items! Makes for a bizarre afternoon/evening of visiting & conversation! Are your appetizers, meals, drinks, etc, JUST as whacky? 😛

        My favorite piece in your photos? The sign! “Fiction M — Z”! Which made me wonder… how hilarious it would be if you don’t have any other logical signs, like “Fiction A — L” or have this one: “Watch Out For the _____!”

        My daily life more beautiful? I do my best to listen to as many different genres of music and an artist each day. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Let me just say that I love your description of curious, peculiar, no-matching. That’s just what I like. Ah, you saw the sign. It’ll be on my list for another day, and yes, I do have more of them, though like me, they are not entirely cohesive. I fell in love with them immediately.

          It’s so great that you are expanding your horizons every day with new music and new artists. I try to keep discovering, but I have to admit that when I get attached it’s hard to let go. There are certain songs/genres that should have caught fire by now I play them so much. I really admire that. I need to strive harder to explore more because there’s so many brilliant artists in this world who deserve to be heard.


    1. Thank you (insert blushing face because I’m on my computer and don’t have that). It so funny you made this comment just now because I was just about to post a picture of my new candle on Instagram. 🙂


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