5 Things I Love at Home

Hello everyone and happy Saturday. As I’ve been going through the process of renovating and decorating my home, I’ve been focusing on the aspects of it that I already love, not just my home’s future potential. So today I’m bringing you my second posting of 5 Things I Love at Home. I hope you like it!

My Pressed Flowers.

I love collecting wildflowers on camping trips and sometimes pressing them between the pages of my journal. In the case of these larger flowers, I needed something a bit heavier. Thick books. I think they’ve turned out quite nicely. My plan it to frame them at some point. I was thinking a white background, but now that I’ve seen them against this pretty colored one, I’ve changed my mind.

Dried Flowers

20170701_09410320170701_094127My dried flowers


My Pink Lantern.

I found this beauty at a thrift store a few years back. I had just moved into a condo, my first solo place, and I was starting over from scratch. This was one of the first pieces that I bought. I loved how feminine it was, and it was the starting point of my being able to decorate exactly as I wanted. No restrictions. It’s been a great adventure ever since.


My Buffet Table turned TV stand.

I paid about $30 for this at a thrift store. I bought it because in this old house with it’s lack of walk-in closets, I was desperate for storage. I haven’t learned the art of minimalism in clothing. If I opened the doors on this, you’d see that it’s full of all my jeans and other pants. Pretty clever, don’t you think? I gone back and forth many times on whether to paint this piece. I’ve finally decided that I will. Maybe white with grey inserts? We’ll see what happens.

Buffet table/ tv stand

This sweet flower vase.

I love pretty things like this flower vase that I found on clearance at Target about a month ago. The soft colors are lovely and the little specks of black adds a bit of earthiness that makes it more interesting.


My old library signs.

A few years ago, my job was updating it’s library and decided that these old signs were too passΓ© to make it into the remodel. I saw these collecting dust in a crevice between some filing cabinets and I circled them for a few days before asking the authorities what the plan for them was. Their destiny was the trash, and I am now their new mother.

eclectic living room
I put this sign above the living room sofa because, well, that’s where we get social.

20170701_11035520170701_110312eclectic home design

That’s all for today, folks. I hope you like some of the things that I find special in my own home. Keep striving to surround yourself with beauty. As you can see, it doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor.

25 thoughts on “5 Things I Love at Home

    1. It feels so much better when it doesn’t cost a week’s paycheck, right? I think the tv stand was originally a buffet for a kitchen, but we’ve gotta make the best of our situations lol. Thanks for the love 😊

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      1. Girl I know that’s right. Haha. I’m always trying to save a buck when I can. I go thrift shopping quite often. Another mans trash is another mans treasure. Except… I’m a woman. But you get it. Hahaha. You’re welcome.

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    1. I’ve grown to love pressing flowers. I think I’ll have an obsession soon. I’ve also got homemade paintings around the house. I think it’s so cool to have our own art to look at too.


      1. All of three of the paintings that are hung in my room are school paintings: one done in class (high school) and two done through student activities (college).

        There is nothing wrong with having an obsession. Obsessions can lead into a passion in so many ways. I know that through experience. My obsession of Les Mis turned my love of musicals that I developed growing up into a passion.

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