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I left it in my other purse. This is why I never…!

“This is why I never change bags.” I was packing up some things recently and realized the gravity of my bag obsession when I needed one large box solely for storing myΒ large bags. To clarify, this box didn’t include my handbags or clutches, which I also needed boxes for. Now, I don’t see a problem with my owning this many purses. I love every one of them and will not give them up. No the problem, dear Reader, is that on any given day anyone who knows me could put wagers on which purse I’ll be wearing. And it won’t be difficult for them to win big.

For as much as I love a beautiful tote, purse or clutch, I can’t for the life of me wear 95% of them during the course of a year. You all know why, but let me illustrate anyway.

Monday: You walk into Walgreens (or your neighborhood drug store) ready to drop dollars in the cosmetics section. But you’re no careless shopper. You’ve racked up store credit and now have four bucks off your next makeup purchase. You stuck that coupon into your bag determined to remember to use it this time. You make your choice– maybe some new blush, a brush or bronzer. You get to the register feeling like a winner. You dig into your purse. You dig some more. No coupon. That’s when you remember: “I left it in my other purse. This is why I never &*%$# switch bags!” But here you are in line, so what do you do? Pay full price and curse the day you tried to be a lady and switch out your purses to better match your outfit.

These scenarios happen everyday all over the country to all sorts of women, and yet, don’t we all buy that new bag always hopeful that someday we’ll be ladylike enough to wear it? And every time we accomplish that goal something gets left behind. The perfect lipgloss? In your other bag. That old Band-Aid you now need? Other bag. Tampon? Other bag. Insurance card? Other bag.

Do I have a solution for ending this vicious cycle? I wrote one down but left it in….

Burberry floral bag
Photo by London Scout on Unsplash

So what’s a girl to do? Should I let go of my beautiful bags of every sort? Say it ain’t so. I’ve even considered taking photos of each one and conducting a poll, a competition of sorts, and keep the 10 most popular. Yes, I said ten. Judge me if you want to; I love myself; I can take it.

I don’t know guys. They have been looking pretty lonely in that box. I could just get my life together and start getting ready to go places in a timely way so that I’m not rushing when transferring things from one bag to another. I’m not sure if I’ve reached that stage of awesomeness in my life just yet!

Most of my bags are vintage, given to me by my mother or found in thrift stores. Here’s a small sampling.


Collection of vintage handbags
The lighting is crap, but aren’t they just darling!


I think I’ll set a goal. For the next month, my goal is to keep at least 10 of my bags in regular rotation. If I can’t accomplish that with any level of satisfaction, then I will let go of most of them. May the force be with me.

Do any of you have a love affair with purses?

26 thoughts on “I left it in my other purse. This is why I never…!

    1. I think “growing” is a key word there. Haha, I didn’t mention that mine is still growing as well, only a lot more slowly than in the past. I’m taking baby steps. Thanks for loving my bags. They need some love πŸ˜€

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  1. I loved this! What I do when I know I’m gonna be switching bags a lot is to keep everything out of them and put it all on my dresser or desk. That way, when I leave for the day, whichever bag I choose- I dump it all in there and take it out at night again. Hope that helps save your bags (: I think it’s great you have so many xoxo

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  2. Get rid of purses.?!!!! :O Just move to a bigger house, and extend it to make room for the purse boxes.! A lady never disposes of purses. Not that I’m any kind of lady, unless I really have to be, but I do love my purses, and I have a huge box in the basement with an assortment of them in, ready for me to dump stuff from one to the other whenever the whim takes me. I rarely sort through it, just open the bag and upturn it over the other bag. πŸ˜€ Then I go through the zipped pockets and just chuck what’s in there in the new purse… it’s the one flaw in my strictly organised, OCD-controlled life.

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    1. Well if it works for you then maybe your brain needed that one pocket of disorganization. I’m gonna have to work this out because this house is it girlie πŸ™„ Maybe hang them in my hallway like art! At least if I see them, I’ll wear them more…

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  3. Haha, I can’t really relate to this. I have a habit of sticking to one purse till it literally falls apart then I buy a new one. I think we all have that one thing that we slowly grow a collection with. Mine is probably cardigans πŸ˜‚

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    1. Way to take charge! You should start selling that (whatever you call the thing that makes you capable of giving some up) πŸ˜€ I’m going to go through mine hopefully today and see if every bag is absolutely a keeper or not. Thanks for the input darling.

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  4. Wow, awesome weblog format! How lengthy have you ever been running a blog for? you made running a blog look easy. The full look of your site is excellent, as smartly as the content material!

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    1. Thank you so much, Alex. I appreciate your kind words. I started back in 2013 but took a two year hiatus, unfortunately. I’ve been back to blogging regularly for almost a year now. I love creating an experience with my blog, and I think visuals is a great way to do that. I love photography and nature. Also, I’ve been a writer my whole life, so I try hard to create quality content and writing 😊 Reading your comment has given me such a boost of positivity. Thank you!


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