Hurricane People: A Comedy

Ah, natural disasters. They bring out all types of people; neighbors with quirks, jerks with money, the deserters, the innovators, the laziest motherfuckers you ever did see. I like to observe, so that’s what I did.

And although I love to write, I also love to make videos. So I decided, what the heck, why not share here on iwannabealady? Writing has been tougher these past few days what with all the hurricane preparations that needed to be done and the work afterward; it was faster to make videos, and more fun. So for your viewing pleasure, here are some hurricane people.

The Storm Rider

The Cheap Ass

The Delusional Beauty Queen

The Gasoline Hoarder

The Surfer

The Water Hoarder

The Irate Parent

The Overpacker

The Ready to Punch Someone

The Mother Nature Hater.

The Hippie

The Opportunist

The Premeditated Killer

The Bitter Ex-Husband

The Manic Parent

The Love Bird

The Totally Unprepared

A shoutout to my friend Jessica for help with the concept and staging of The Unprepared.

Thank you all for watching this much. I could do this all day with snack breaks and it’s kind of cool to share them beyond my family and friends. So, tell me! Which was your favorite hurricane person?

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47 thoughts on “Hurricane People: A Comedy

      1. I am straight up on a mission here. The only words coming out of my mouth this week are “CHECK OUT IWANNABEADAY.COM” an dalso “large order of fries, to go please” but nothing else, nothing!

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    1. Hey, I just used the filters on Snapchat. I love that character and you’re right, I could totally see Pixar having a dad who looks just like this. I’ve got to think up more material for that one! And seriously, people were buying water like they’d never see it again. Fuck everyone! Lol


  1. Dude, THIS IS HILARIOUS!!! Thank you so much for the laugh and for being so damn amazing!! I laughed so hard, I think people were wondering if I required immediate medical attention. My favourite was the irate mom. MY BELLY HURTS…FROM LAUGHTER. You are the best!!

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  2. Ha!!! DYING!!!! I was nervous I’d be on there because I’m the “WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY HAIR!!!!! Where can I connect my blow dryer!!!!! Oh my Moon! SAVE ME!!!!” I admit that I’m petty sometimes. Lmao thanks for the laughs!!!!

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  3. I love this!! Two of my friends from college were in Florida during the Hurricane and they are cracking up, they know people in the neighborhoods that are spitting images of what your portrayed!

    xoxo autumn,

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    1. Kat! Thank you!!! This felt so good to read. People like you make me so happy that I shared these videos instead of keeping them to myself and a few friends. You’re a doll for telling me how you felt. 💜 😄


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