Blogging Balance: The Outcome

Not too long ago I reached out to you my dear Readers to ask for advice on how to find more balance as a blogger and writer. You all astounded me with the numerous and thoughtful comments you made for my benefit, and the benefit of others. You’re all beautiful people and I appreciate you so much.

I’m still getting back to normal here at home. Just got power on Sunday but no internet. I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, but I haven’t, and I’ve been thinking about why. The answer is fear. Fear of change. Fear of making a commitment and not living up to it. That’s no way to go about things, so I’m going to try something different. I’m going to make a commitment and stick to it. I’m just going to make it happen; no excuses.

So, without further ado, here are my new commitments. Here’s my plan for my blog.

I’m going to start blogging more consistently, but less often. I feel confident that you all love me and will still stop by to see me if I’m not in your feed every day. My commitment is to post every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. I am giving myself one month to see if this schedule is the best fit for me and I’ll adjust at that point, if necessary.

I’m going to narrow down the focus of my blog— narrow down my niche as they say in the marketing world. When, in college, I decided to leave Business Marketing for a degree in English Literature, I had no idea that words like “niche” would ever be relevant in my life again. It goes to show how we should always absorb as much knowledge as we can. We just never know when we may need it to help a friend or ourselves.

You see what I did there? I used an everyday situation in life, something that many people have experienced, and brought a lesson out of it. I like doing that. It’s one of the things I’d like to focus on in my blog. Sharing lessons in an interesting way. I am not your mother.


I also love beautiful things. I mean that in the superficial and the deeper way. I’ve noticed a thread of beauty in most of my writing– the beauty of nature, life, objects, design. Most of you are aware of my love of vintage for a reason. I love to talk about beautiful things and beautiful experiences. So I’d like to use my blog to talk about beauty.

I find that one of the most beautiful things about life is growth. I think that growth happens when we are pushing ourselves to be better. I’m on a journey to push myself and I’d like to share it in hopes of inspiring you to do the same. It also keeps me motivated. I’ve got some great ideas in mind, and you’ll have a chance to guide me to new ideas.

I’m going to divide this blog into 4 categories: KNOW MORE, TRY MORE, ADD BEAUTY and MODERN DAY FABLES. I’ll be explaining what you can expect in each category very soon on my new landing page.

I’m excited for the changes and I hope that you are as well. I feel that you’re all fellows on my life journey now, which a beautiful thing to experience. My new, consistent schedule will begin on Monday.

I’m working on so many different projects, some that you’ll be able to see sooner because I’m carving out time for those other passions, like writing. I’m taking baby steps. I want to set myself up for success. I have power and passion and talent and I won’t let them go to waste. Thank you for your beauty and light and encouragement and support… now send me some money, eh, how bout it? Lol.

My name is Lyz-Stephanie and I want to inspire you to live a more interesting, fulfilling and beautiful life. Think of me as your well-being and happiness guide. I know that things aren’t always easy. Life doesn’t drop dreams into our laps, but every day we can do something to make our lives happier and richer, make our minds more active and engaged. I’m on the journey. Will you join me?

If you like what you’re reading and think I’m kind of a cool chick, please share the link. And don’t forget to find me on the other side! Instagram I Twitter I Pinterest








18 thoughts on “Blogging Balance: The Outcome

  1. YES YES AND YES!!!!! love it! I wish I were as focused and sure of what the fuck I’m doing as you are. I’ve been contemplating similar goals- deadlines, trial and errors, seeing what works, what do I REALLY want to accomplish? For me, my writing will FOREVER land right back in the same place where I started and where I want to be and WHO I want to be: a fucking hysterical ball of sarcastic sass. I’ve come to the conclusion that my goal is simply to make people laugh about relatable things in everyday life. THANKS FOR THIS. And for reminding me that all we have to do is have a passion and attack it. XOXO

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    1. You can do whatever it is you decide girl. You’re doing great already. I freaking love sarcasm. I still have no wifi, just got power back and I’m over my data, so i haven’t been reading much of anyone’s posts. But I’d be on your blog and supporting you girl. I like a simple goal, and yours is an honorable one. I think making people laugh is one of the best gifts a person can give

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  2. Excellent plan, Lyz! I’m looking forward to seeing new posts in each of your categories now.
    I’m also going to look up gratitude training – I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude lately but I never thought to look up courses (or even just videos online, which is where I’ll start – any recs?)
    Namaste 🙂

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    1. This was my first time going to anything like this, so I haven’t been watching any videos to recommend, I’m sorry. But looking outside of ourselves for new ways of thinking and being is always a good idea. It costs money and it’s intense, but I’d recommend it to everyone. I’m fundraising and selling stuff to be able to continue in the process.

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    1. Thanks Amy! I’ve been trying to get to your post about Attracting Community for days now. I’ve been so busy and with no wifi and no data left on my phone it hasn’t happened. I’m still thinking of you even if you don’t hear from me. Stay awesome!

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  3. Glad you’ve come to a conclusion on what’ll work best for you (: I’m so excited for these changes cause I know it’ll make you feel better and we’ll all still get to experience your great writing and wit! Good luck xoxo

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  4. Hi dear! I’ve just found your blog and I am loving it already – you have found yourself a new dedicated reader because you sound like such an awesome and kind person, and the way in which you are helping people become their best selves while appreciating the beauty of concpts such as growth is wonderful. Cannot wait to read your future posts and the new categories! Hope you’re having an amazing day ❤

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    1. Maria, I appreciate your kind words and your following my blog. You stated exactly what I want to convey with my blog, so hearing you say it helps me to see that I’m getting it right. Thanks for your encouragement! 😊


    1. I feel like focus, although it confines me more, also gives me a sense of freedom from feeling overwhelmed. It also helps me to do things with intention. As you said, whatever works for you is good. Our actions should have our primary goals in mind.


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