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What’s the Worst That Can Happen?

What’s the worst that can happen?

When I was in college, I was falling deeper in love with art. I studied art and wished to create my own. But I didn’t. I didn’t have much money to spend, and I didn’t want to spend what I had on experimentation.

Then, one day something magical happened. Some neighbors in my building were throwing out 3 slightly damaged canvases, and I got them. Now I could finally be creative; try painting.

I bought the paint and brushes, and guess what? Nothing. Nothing happened. Turns out I was too afraid to try. I didn’t want to ruin the canvases with my amateurish attempts. And, if I’m being honest, I didn’t want to kill my dream that I was, unbeknownst to me, a great painter. So for months they sat in a corner.

One day my dad came over to the house, looked at the canvases and said, “What’s the worst that can happen?”

I told him that I might ruin them. He said, “So you paint over it. You try again.”

It was such a moment of out of nowhere realization. I was stunned. It was so simple. The risk was so small. I was being so stupid.

Tons of paintings later, I’m here to share the advice that was given to me. Don’t be a fucking scaredy cat. The power of failure is that you always learn something if you choose to. How was I ever going to get better at painting if the canvas stayed blank?

I could research and read about technique all day, but the growth is in the action.

Up to this day I am still no great artist. I wouldn’t even call myself mediocre. But what I have done is focused on what I’m good at, and that is the use of color. I can’t paint portraits. I can’t paint detailed landscapes. but I can create unique pieces that no one else has but me. I can create pieces that exude exactly what I want them to.

Contrary to popular belief, most things that you want to try will not kill you. And contrary to popular belief, most people who see you try something and fall short will more likely admire your attempt then criticize it.

A slice of Truth: there’s a lot of really scared people out there. Most of them will never move past fear and do the thing they’ve always wanted to do. You don’t have to be one of those people.

And just like I didn’t run out and buy brand new canvases to practice on, you can take baby steps too. The point is to keep moving forward. Keep taking steps.

My major fear is deep water, but I’d love to go snorkeling, even scuba diving, one day. My first steps? Step 1. Getting into water that was deep enough that I couldn’t touch the bottom. My heart almost burst. Step 2. Intentionally getting into water that has fish in it. I almost hyperventilated and had a headache for the next 18 hours. Step 3. (Hasn’t happened yet) Get off of a boat and get into the ocean. Not a waterway or sand bar or enclosed area.

The chances of me dying or being dragged off by a shark is very slim, but my brain is magnifying the danger. I know this. I can’t accept this. The Great Barrier Reef has already been declared dead. I need to get my act together and get out there.

About 3 days ago I realized something else. Having a specific date to accomplish specific tasks and holding yourself to it come hell or high water is crucial to getting where we want to be.

For years I’ve been working on this idea, iwannabealady Workshops for Women. I’ve got a huge binder of notes and scripts and quotes and anecdotes and I’ve done nothing but tweak it and add to it. I was just too scared to put it out there. It never met my standards. I’ve come to realize the translation: It was never perfect. Waiting for perfect meant it would never actually happen.

On Saturday night, my friend Quetsy challenged me to make it happen in the next few days. I have never hosted a workshop or anything more planned then a dinner party. But guess what? Tonight is the night. It’s happening!

I don’t know if 5 people will show up or 20, but I’m glad that I’ve learned a lot from the experience so far, and I will continue to learn. It’s a no-fail situation. Am I nervous? Hell yeah. Have I been changing my script 6 times an hour and pacing the floor with thoughts of “What’s missing? What can be better? How else can I say this?” Absolutely.

But the beauty of this event is that I’m no longer alone. I’ve told everyone that my workshop is in BETA and I’d appreciate any feedback they can give me when it’s over. I’ll get guidance, referrals, learn what I’m doing well and what I might improve on. How can I lose? I’ve put up twinkly lights in the living room and it’s byob. How can that possibly fail?

Setting a date did this for me, and the support of friends, of course. Set a date. What’s the worst that can happen?

What’s the thing that you’re afraid to try? Which steps do you need to take to work past the fear and make things happen? I’d love to hear about it.


My name is Lyz-Stephanie and I want to inspire you to live a more interesting, fulfilling and beautiful life. Think of me as your well-being and happiness guide. I know that things aren’t always easy. Life doesn’t drop dreams into our laps, but every day we can do something to make our lives happier and richer, make our minds more active and engaged. I’m on the journey. Will you join me?

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40 thoughts on “What’s the Worst That Can Happen?

  1. I love your dad’s advice when it comes to painting on the canvas! I am also pretty scared of deep water, and while snorkelling was a little scary to me, I did it with friendly faces around me and it was such an amazing experience! 🙂

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  2. I loved reading this so so much and I couldn’t agree more! Such an important point and so well expressed. I remember once I had a really bad fear of needles/blood tests and followed similar steps to you in overcoming it: firstly looking at a needle, then watching someone else have a blood test, than doing one myself. Honestly, my anxiety was more painful than the actual experience! It’s always so important to step out of our comfort zones because that’s when change happens and so do great things..x

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    1. Hey Maria, thanks for sharing your experience. I get anxiety worth needles as well, and each time it’s never as bad as I imagine in my head. It’s so great to hear that you didn’t simply accept it but took the extra steps to do something about it. You’re just going to keep getting better at everything you want to do, I can feel it! 💜 I’ll still keep easing into the water 😄

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      1. Yes it’s definitely the though of needles that’s worse than the actual pain! And you will definitely get there with the water – not gonna lie, I’m not a big fan of depths myself but once you overcome the fear it’s great to embrace the beautiful ocean! ❤️


  3. Thanks for the reminder on the Great Barrier Reef. Very sad. I need to do a post all about seaweed some day. And YOU need to go snorkeling! You’re in Florida, for goodness sake – I want to go there too. Did your gratitude course help change things?

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    1. Oh my freaking goodness, my gratitude training had made such a profound impact, especially in me doing my workshop tonight. I needed to fight fear and discomfort and my own feelings of self-doubt. I’m starting part 2 tomorrow, amd I’m beyond excited to keep growing.

      I don’t even know what you’ll have to say about seaweed, which makes me feel like that’s a post I’ll really need to read. I can’t wait for things to settle down so that I can catch up on all the knowledge you share. I’m missing a huge part of Florida’s beauty– the underwater part. I could use a fear removal acceleration device if you’ve got one. 😀

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  4. So glad to hear it 🙂
    I’m sure you’ll get a lot from part 2 by the sound of things. You seem pretty confident to me – it takes confidence to make your hurricane parody vids 😉
    Ill let you know when I’m ready to post on seaweed – I mentioned it in the potato chip post. It has so much potential to deal with two or three of the major issues we face in the world right now.
    Meanwhile, I’ll start working on inventing a FRAD for you 🙂


  5. this is so awesome!!!! CONGRATS!!! You should be proud of yourself on so many levels! Also- you’re dad is a ROCKSTAR! Good for HIM! Now get out into that ocean and own it! Xo!!


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    1. Thanks love! I’m sorry for the delayed response. I’m in the training this week and the schedule is grueling! I’m looking at the ocean, giving it the sexy eye but I haven’t crossed the bar yet to give him my number. 😅

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  6. Lyz-Stephanie, I am so inspired! Thank you! How did your workshop go? What was it on? I’d love to know more about it and to see some of your paintings! I feel like I’m good at trying things, but I’m not good at committing to them or finishing them. I need to get with it.


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    1. Hey Kaiya, I’m hoping to inspire so I appreciate your giving me feedback. The workshop went really well. It was very small and I realize that I needed that as a test run, and I already got new ideas to improve it. The workshop was all about learning ways to value our individuality by first getting to know ourselves. We always hear, be yourself, but we can’t do that if we don’t know who that is.

      One of the things I’m committed to is finishing things as well! So many things started and sitting on a shelf. Anything I learn about how to change that, I’ll definitely post. I’m so grateful for your support. I’m doing part two now and I have zero hours, so I’m sorry for the delayed response. 💜

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      1. Your workshop sounds amazing and like one many people (myself and people I know) could benefit from. It’s hard to figure out who we are and where we’re going.

        I hope part two goes well! Don’t worry about delayed responses! The internet is great because we can always come back to the place we left off from. Best of luck with your coming workshops! x

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        1. Thanks Kaiya. As always, your sweet words always give me a positive boost. I just finished my last day of the training and I’m ready to do so much! I hope that all is going well with you girlie. Talk soon!

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  7. I love that attitude. After my parents got divorced, something my mom did was try different kinds of art. She’s always been the one to make cards, sew, or bake- never a painted or sculptor. She made a beautiful ocean/sunset scene on a huge canvas and revealed it to my sisters and I basically with tears in her eyes. All of us were so proud of her for trying something she probably would’ve never done had she not been put in the position of “what could go wrong?”

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  8. I love this post so much! Lyz, I can totally understand what you mean with this post. Fun fact, I also have some canvas I’ve been scared to touch, literally and figuratively. I actually do have canvas sitting around but I also have other projects I’ve been afraid to touch. I am definitely going to remember this next time an idea waltzes into my head!

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    1. What a crazy coincidence, Pamela! I’m so, like, entertained and encouraged by you sharing this. Definitely go get some paint on that canvas, literally and figuratively! Tell yourself that by such and such day, I’ll have made this much progress on such and such project. You can make beautiful things happen 💜

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  9. I really hope that your workshop went well and you’ve done more since. You are so right that waiting for perfect means that nothing will ever get done. I’m embarking on new adventures too and it’s super scary but also very exciting. What’s amazed me is how many people there are who want to help and support me through this. Add me to your cheering section.

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    1. Thank you for this beautiful comment. You’re right, it’s scary and exciting and sometimes they take turns showing up. But I’m so glad hear that you’re stepping into new territory and looking for adventures. And the fact that you’re getting such love and support is pretty inspiring. I’ve had to work on asking for support and it’s been so worth it. I’m cheering you on as well!

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  10. Your dad’s a smart fellow. Doing something new or putting yourself out there comes with a level of fear. It’s easy to feel afraid for many reasons. Art is something that comes with emotional attachment and you want everyone to like what you do.

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  11. That fear of failing has held me back from so much in my life. One of the best decisions I ever made really was saying “fuck it” and not letting it hold me back. It really does make a difference!

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    1. Oh my goodness, yes, fear of failure is a real pain in the ass and can be crippling. “Fuck it” is seriously one of the best remedies (see what I did there 😀). It’s a constant battle, but so worth it!

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    1. I do love water as well. I go to the beach regularly and get into the water. it’s mostly fish that I’m scared of, lol. I did go snorkeling in Thailand last year and after some intense hyperventilating, I was able to enjoy the scenery for the rest of the time. I was proud that I got that far! As Hamlet says, thinking does make cowards of us all.

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