iwannabealady.com A stranger in my house. Our family's new cat.

The Stranger In My House

Before you get alarmed, I’d like to say that this stranger is our new cat Daisy. This is the time when a normal blogger with a normal pet would insert a cute photograph and you can say, Awww, how adorable. That’s not gonna happen. Not any time soon from what I observe. (You can scroll to the bottom of this post for a Google search imitation).

She’s a black and white tuxedo cat and she’s been with us for about a month. I’m just now gaining the ability to distinguish her from any other black and white cat I might encounter. This is because she hides. She hides the majority of the day and goes creeping around at night. It was only a few days ago that we discovered where in the room she hides. We searched high and low for days. Apparently, there’s a cozy little nook at the very top of a closet that she’s designated her sleeping/ stay the hell away from me blasted humans corner.

I now understand why we say “scaredy cat” instead of scaredy dog or scaredy hamster. She’s a nervous fucking wreck. But don’t worry, she’s been making progress. Like, dial up internet progress, but it’s there. I see her loading.

I also see myself behaving differently. The kids and I bought some catnip; we are drug pushers now; this is what it’s come to. We dipped her toy into it like strawberries into chocolate. There are happy Hansel and Gretel drug trails of catnip leading from her cozy place to the living room. This week, I raised the stakes. I added tuna into her food and set it out earlier than normal. We will see her by daylight damn it. This will happen.

But wait, there’s more. I rubbed that catnip between my fingers, released all that good cat drug smell and sprinkled it into her dinner as well. The kids had gone by this time, unfortunately. She’s always extra elusive when there’s more people in the house, even though it’s her family. But the combination worked. She came out in the daylight and spent a good portion of time eating. I actually got to study her patterns and simply observe her. Still can’t lift a foot in her direction without her running off, but there is progress.

This morning Daisy was still quite active by the time I got out of bed. I could hear her drinking water and kicking up the litter in her litter box. She walked past my bedroom as I was coming out and, yes, we were both startled, though she has the advantage of heightened senses while I’m a walking blockhead. I even wear my ankle bracelets all day and night to keep her posted on my whereabouts. This may be counter to my intention of drawing her out, but I figure the less frightened she is, the greater the chance she’ll come out.

I’m going to start reading books on cat behavior soon. I need to understand what the heck this cat is thinking. I never set out to read books on cats, but I need to get from under this servitude. I don’t mind servicing an animal, but I’d love to be able to rub the damn thing as payment. The day that I get to touch Daisy will be a victory day in this household. We may just bake a cake. Can cat’s eat cake?

These are two images that will give you an idea of what she looks like. Mostly black face with a lightning strike down the center and beautiful yellow eyes. Perfect for creeping into corners and scaring the hell out of me, but beautiful nonetheless. She’s currently about 1 years old, but she was fed a lot so she’s actually quite big. Of course, I don’t know what’s normal for her breed. I was told she’s a tuxedo cat but discovered later that it’s not an actual breed. She continues to be a mystery in my life. Thankfully, I welcome challenges. Most of the time.

iwannabealady.com A stranger in my house. My new cat.iwannabealady.com A stranger in my house. Our family's new cat.

Have you got any cat advice you’d like to share with this novice? I’d love to not be strangers anymore.

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29 thoughts on “The Stranger In My House

    1. I feel you. I’ve been terrified of them for most of my life, but I’m coming around. They’re really interesting to watch, always stalking something and super observant. Still, knowing that she’s hiding somewhere and possibly staring at me from some dark corner still rattles my nerves.

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      1. lol… tell me about it…they’re some sneaky bastards is you ask me… I remember when I was younger my mom would try to scare me and tell me cats would wait until you are asleep and cut your throat if you wronged them…

        We had gotten a kitten and i’d mistakenly shut the door on it (ouch) needless to say my eyes were blood shot in the morning…I didn’t sleep a wink… lol…

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  1. Welcome to Tuxedo-kitty ownership! I have 2 Tuxedo cats, a male (Georgie Clooney) who is almost 8 and a female (Lily Belle) who is almost 4. Both rescues. They are usually skittish when they are first adopted, so your kitty’s behavior is not unusual. She’s just figuring stuff out.

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    1. Thanks for the welcome into the community. Does it come with a selection of top-notch cat videos? I keep hearing about those. 😀 Their names are so cute and appropriate, I bet. Especially Georgie in his suit, very Ocean’s 11. She had to be rescued as well and didn’t have an easy transition. It’s good to hear from someone who knows them. Thanks Gwen.

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  2. I know it’s cliche, but I have to do it: AWWWWWWW. Daisy is adorable. We had two cats but they were night and day. I couldn’t explain anything either one did! I think cats take longer to trust you, but once they let their guard down it’s pretty addictive. Stay the course!

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    1. I’ll take the cliched awwww. My kids are getting older so my warehouse of awwww is getting low. Time for Daisy to step up to the plate.

      I can totally see what you mean though. See walked past me pretty close tonight and stopped and looked up at me and I felt like I had earned that. It felt valuable. Lol, legit honored to be not thought a raging cat murderer by her. 😂

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  3. Hey Lyz! When I moved apt, my cat (who loved to be outside and always aware of his surroundings) didn’t react well at first. He was overwhelmed. The solution, it turned out, was to give him a cozy, limited space that’s not too exposed to the outdoors and that’s not too far from his litter box (if it’s in the bathroom; otherwise, leave it next to Daisy’s space). Daisy may be feeling threatened or vulnerable so that’s the good thing to try reassuring her about. Talk to her in a gentle voice and perhaps just sit on the floor next to her area for a while and let her come to you. Loud noises – either ongoing (music, TV) or sudden (door slams) may freak her out a little. And that’s it: how to best serve your cat! LOL. Good luck & please update!

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    1. Hey, thanks so much for this advice! Insight when she first came, she ran off and we couldn’t find her for 2 days. We put her litter box at the end of a hallway where she wasn’t too exposed. She ended up making her cozy spot the top of a closet in the bedroom near her litter box. I’ve seen her coming out more, which is a good sign. I would just like for her to not completely disappear again when the kids return from their dad’s. Also, I think sitting on the floor in the room is a great idea. I’ll definitely have the kids try it out as well since she’s getting more comfortable with me, but not yet with them.

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  4. I have 3 tuxedo’s! They are all beautiful cats (tuxedo’s not just mine) I started with one cute one like you, then two, then four! Unfortunately one of my kittens was ran over but we have her here by way of a huge picture on the wall and her collar. The best advice i think is that there is no advice, they are as individual as humans and you will grow to know and love the way they are. Mine are definitely in charge of this house… Good luck! x

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    1. You are right about growing to love who they are. It’s cool to see her mind working and study her habits. All of it is adding to my unique connection with her. I’m sorry to hear about your kitty. I lost my first childhood dog the same way. She was our first and with us for a long time. It’s heartwarming that you keep her in your memories.


  5. I am a huge cat-lover so huge congrats Lyz to you, your kids, and new family member! When they are kittens they are so much fun, super playful (once Daisy gets settled in with you guys!) and quick, nimble, and climbers that would put ANY human to shame! Haha!

    My advice? Learn to mimick Daisy’s meows, purrs, and talk with her… a LOT! They’ll usually answer. Very soon, once she knows you’re only playing or loving on her, she’ll be wanting your rubs around her ears, under her chin, down her back — which is the area that puts them in La La Land! — and as she gets older she’ll want in your lap to be groomed, pampered, and called Queen Daisy. Hahaha 😄

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    1. I wish she’d meow or purr to me. She hissed this morning out of nowhere and it rattled my nerves. It was earlier than we’re accustomed to seeing each other, so idk if that’s related. I went from standing to stooping and she hissed. 😐

      I’m so used to quiet and being alone that I often forget to talk. That’s something I can work on, so thank you. My brother has been keeping an outdoor cat and I’ve been enjoying rubbing her. It pushed me to go forth with getting Daisy. I’m looking forward to rubs.😀


  6. Unfortunately, I don’t have any advice for you as I raised my little boys from helpless abandoned kittens- but I think you’re on the right track! My patronus is actually a black & white cat haha if that’s funny to you (:

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  7. Oh gosh, haha! I hope she warms up to you all soon so that you can pet her/take her photo. 🙂 Cats are my favorites! Mine is named Ella (short for Elephant) and she’s a Siamese/Ragdoll mix. She’s clingy and chatty. She’s super skittish around kids, though; she just doesn’t like them. Your Daisy might just be shy. 🙂

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    1. Ella is an adorable name just like baby elephants are adorable. Daisy is the exact opposite of clingy, but I’m thinking she’s shy to the 3rd degree and scared to the 8th. I’m so eager to pet her and get some kitty love ughhh. 🙂


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