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5 Days of Vegan Part One

Six days ago, I decided to go vegan for 5 days. I wanted to know what that lifestyle is about, whether it’s a monumental task, whether I’ll look healthier or sickly, whether I’ll feel satiated or starved. What does it take to put the animals, our planet and our bodies first?

I decided to go cold turkey. I wanted to be aware of what I have been consuming in my daily life. I feel the best way for me to do this is to be face-to-face with my choices. Getting rid of the nonvegan and buying a pantry full of produce and canned beans won’t give me an honest reflection of my lifestyle. I decide that I’ll buy a few simple things that will be staples in my pantry and fridge. I’ll study what I see. Understanding why I make decisions is helpful to my making lasting changes.

The second reason I go cold turkey is because I love a challenge. Okay, okay, I’m a masochist.

For full disclosure, Hurricane Irma left me with more than my usual amount of canned goods. The good news is that there’s cans of beans left since the last time I made chili recently. My kids love my chili, and so do I; chili coupled with brown rice, and we’re good. The bad news about my canned goods abundance is that many of them are soups with animal products in them.

Goodbye, New England clam chowder. Goodbye, collard greens “slow simmered in a turkey flavored broth.” Goodbye, savory pot roast. Fuck my life. This is gonna be real goodbye to cheese fuck my life hard.

But I’m being negative. Maybe there’s some nasty vegan tofu sausage that I can add to it. Okay, that was negative as well. I’ve been eating purely brown rice and red beans for the past 24 hours, and peanut butter sandwiches, sometimes jelly included. The jelly times are the best times.

I’m starving as I type this. In the fridge– still sparse since I threw out most it’s spoiled contents after the hurricane– there are two nibbled on blocks of cheese, sharp cheddar and pepperjack. It get’s worse. I’ve also got crackers… I’m being negative again. I bury my hand in a bag of multi-grain Cheerios after quickly scanning the box. I’ll get GMOs, but no animal products, thank goodness. Halfway through handful number 5, I double check that they didn’t use honey. No honey, only real processed sugar, thank goodness. I don’t know how I’ve survived this long.

Please join me tomorrow for the second half of my journey to Veganville. Or Veganhood. We’ll see how it goes. Darn it, I’m being negative again. Anyway, come back tomorrow night, same time 9pm for my update.

18 thoughts on “5 Days of Vegan Part One

  1. That was hilarious! I don’t call myself a Vegan. Because I don’t eat meat substitutes or tofu. That’s just nasty. I don’t eat meat, dairy, eggs, sugar or flour. I am strictly plant based. Mainly because I have Crohn’s Disease and I have learned what will cause flare ups and what will not. But Lord sometimes I want a nice piece of cheese with my gluten free, sugar free crackers! lol

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    1. Wow, just wow. Wow. All this time and I had no idea I was chatting with a superhuman. I had a friend years ago with Crohn’s Disease and I remember how awful it was for him to have flare ups. Your illness has given you incredible strength to keep committed to your body. I wanted to bake a cake so badly but the egg was stopping me. I’m totally fascinated with what a diet like yours looks like.

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      1. It’s really simple. Breakfast is oatmeal with almond milk and a banana. Lunch is a huge spinach salad with pears, apples, tomatoes, onion,carrots,broccoli and cauliflower. Dinner is where I hit a snag. I’m lazy by dinner time and don’t care if I eat so I’ll usually eat Muesli. You can do a lot with beans, brown rice, quinoa and other grains. When I want a sweet I pop a frozen banana and a small amount of almond milk in the blender and instant ice cream!

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        1. Oh my goodness. I can’t believe how simple you’ve made this for yourself. It sounds like a very doable system. And it’s all good for that I would eat. I love the ice cream idea idea 😍 Thanks so much for your comments!

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    1. Lol, thanks for the tips. I grew up on a diet of beans everyday as part of our meals, so thankfully I had a previous good relationship with them.. I haven’t committed to going vegan for life, but trying some thoughtful vegan meals would definitely help the cause. I wouldn’t want me and beans to get bored of each other!


  2. Good luck! I’ve been vegan for 22 years and it was definitely a learning process to figure out what I liked to eat! Obviously I figured it out by now but I would say to not limit the entire experience to like, 5 days. I would not have been able to hang in there and learn about new things I liked unless I had the time to play around with it for a bit!

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    1. Hey Jesse, 22 years is impressive. I’d definitely have to do plenty of research to even know what foods are out there, lol. I’ve never so much as spent 2 minutes in any vegan cookbook. I think it’s been an eye- opening experience and that would only increase with the more time I spent with it. Thanks for adding your experience. 😊


  3. You have taken on a very daunting task. I have been a vegetarian for a year now, but am inching my way closer to vegan. Find some great recipes, it truly isn’t all just beans – there is some seriously good fucking vegan food out there! Looking forward to part two!! Good luck!

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    1. A year, that’s darned good. I’m trying really hard to make some real changes in my diet and not keep falling back on habit and comfort. I figured I’d start with a really difficult thing and see how that is. Anything will seem like freedom? Is my logic infallible?

      I’ll definitely look up some recipes to broaden my experience. I guess what I see always looks fancy with lots of ingredients that only farmers and foodies know. Of course, I’m being dramatic. I should look again…

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    1. I’m only brave for 5 days! It’s been hard, not impossible. It would’ve been easier if I had gone grocery skipping beforehand, but still, vegan ain’t easy. At least not from where I’m standing right now. Even vegetarian turns most people to wimps. You’re doing a lot!

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