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Be Thai Spicy or Be Lame

So there are two types of people: Those who see danger and cringe and those who see danger and smile. And while I am normally on the smiling side, I became a scaredy cat in Thailand. When it came to the food that is. Thank goodness we were told before arriving that Thai spicy means you’ll be weeping as the food goes in and weeping as the food goes out.

Now I love spicy food, but the thought of gripping my thighs while on some random toilet, my stomach spewing bursts of hatred and fireballs through my you-know-what, while on my vacation, was just too difficult to bear. I didn’t chance it. I definitely ate spicy. But definitely not Thai spicy. Do I regret it now? A little bit. I think it’s important to submerge ourselves into whichever culture that we’re in. And while I would’ve never eaten food so spicy every day, I absolutely feel I should have tried to go all the way at least once.



One thing to be appreciated about Thai cuisine is that breakfast is just that, a word. Outside of hotels that accommodate tourists, breakfast in Thailand is also what’s eaten for lunch and dinner. On our very first morning, we were presented with a breakfast buffet that consisted of duck eggs, various soups, fried rice and vegetables. While my two friends were guzzling their glasses of water, I found everything to be just right. In other words, you must discover for yourself what you think.

iwannabealady.com Thailand
Yes, it’s a lot of food, you judgmental prick.

This was only my portion of breakfast, which I surprisingly ate most of. Maybe all that flying did something to my body, or maybe I just love good food so much. You’ll never know. Naturally, myself and my two friends were playing a sort of food version of the game Twister as we stuck our forks and dipped our spoons over each other’s arms and into each other’s dishes.

Full disclosure: We didn’t realize from the start that we were looking at a duck egg, so its fire red-orange appearance sort of freaked us out. We stared at it. We wondered at it. We wondered how organic a chicken had to be to make an egg such as this. It was either that or there was something seriously wrong with it. (I remember being in Haiti years ago and seeing a marked difference between the local family raised egg yolks and the imported ones. I figured maybe this was that.) But when we were told it was duck, we all breathed a sigh of relief. Mystery over.

I just love how what’s completely normal for one person is a completely bizarre to another.

Once we were out into the streets, eggs and toast became a distant memory. On every street, it seems, there are people selling food. For lunch, we stopped at a soup station on the side of a wide road.

thai soup extras iwannabealady.com Thailand


Four huge pots of various soups are ours to choose from. Full of vegetables and your choice of chicken or pork, spicy or mild, it is the last thing we thought we’d want on a hot day. But our morning experience has us all hooked and we want more soup, no matter the temperature, apparently like everyone else in Thailand. There’s a variety of additions that might be added to the soup, and every paying customer sits at a long table side by side on little stools to eat, as cars and scooters whizz by behind us.

me and girls eating thailand


While shopping in the various locations we visited, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and the Phi Phi Islands, we saw vendors selling foods of all sorts.

I learned that they have a thing about hot dogs. All of the hot dogs look like they are dressed for the prom. Street food is an art.  There’s the savory.

thai hotdogs

thai street vendors

thai street foodthai street food 2

And the sweet.




iwannabealady.com Thailand
The sign said: Fried Ice Cream. This is one way to make it.
iwannabealady.com Thailand
Waiting on it’s final embellishments.

Then there are these guys. Yes, they are caterpillars.


Dessert made with ripe bananas and coconut milk.20170413_215526

One of my new favorite dishes: Sticky Rice with Mango


Here’s a little bonus before I depart. On our first night in Thailand, we walk into a 7-11, which are quite ubiquitous over there. It was then that we knew we weren’t in Florida anymore.

iwannabealady.com be thai spicy or be lame food lifestyle blogger travel

iwannabealady.com be thai spicy or be lame food lifestyle blogger travel


iwannabealady.com be thai spicy or be lame food lifestyle blogger travel


How adventurous are you when you travel?

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12 thoughts on “Be Thai Spicy or Be Lame

  1. Thai spicy is like nuclear times 10. When I eat Thai food they ask what level spicy and I am usually 1 or 0. Spending a night in pain because of what I ate isn’t what I would have in mind for anytime or anywhere.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha, you and spicy definitely don’t go well together. I think that I’m around a 6 or 7 for spiciness, so I could’ve pushed myself to an 8.5 :). The trouble is the knowing what’s on the other side. What dreams may come 🙂


  2. Hey Lyz, all the photos are not opening it seems. Or is it just me? You are the kinds who would and could do spicy I thought. Maybe you should give Thai spicy a try here to make up for lost chances 😉 I mean they do go for various levels and I have had quite spicy Thai here. A Thai man at a restaurant in a small NY town once smiled when Adi demanded very hot stuff. He returned with a tiny bowl of red paste that made me think that the devil itself was pounded into that paste. All my nerves were singed. So… 😀 All possibilities are not let lost yet. Btw I love the kind of breakfasts you were offered — it is certainly too much to start the day with on a regular basis but hey while on holiday we have got to live it up. That wonton soup is making me hungry!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the head’s up about the photos. I’ve reloaded all of them, so hopefully it’s all there now! You’re right about me still being able to try it out. Like, duh, right? I’m over here thinking I missed my chance, but what’s living in America if I can’t hread down to my favorite Thai place? I know just the one. One day I’ll work up the nerve to try it and write a post about it 😀 How did Adi do with the devil paste? I had never considered rice and soup for breakfast but it was so warm and delicious. When traveling we must submerge.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am glad you reloaded them. I can see all of them and drool early in the morning. Those hot dogs are glistening stuff man! That is what I love about South East Asia…just the way they present a crazy variety of food and nothing, nothing is out of bounds. Not even scorpions or bugs. I mean get outa door and live life kingsize right?
        Adi did not get there beyond a taste because he remembers what happened to me in a town called Leavenworth. I got horrid stomach cramps after having a big dose of such a dip on chips. This was a paste made out of the hottest chilli in the world called the California Reaper.
        You have got The wisdom about travelling. I love that line. ‘When traveling we must submerge’. xx

        Liked by 1 person

        1. There’s definitely something in the DNA that allows some people to consume hellish spicy food and not go down in a heap of groaning and restrooms visits. Some people travel the world in search of the spiciest stuff they can find. That I cannot relate to. Knowing me, I’d stick my finger in it and accidentally rub my eyeball. 🙂


    1. I’ve tried reloading, so I hope that helps. I like when I eat something spicy and my nose gets all runny and my nasal passages feel open. Very sexy 😅 But my absolute favorite was sticky rice with mango. 😌

      Liked by 1 person

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