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Ditching School

Was anyone else afraid of ditching school growing up? I consider myself a risk-taker and a rule bender. My relationship with rules is like a high school relationship. Mostly casual, a lot of talk, and a few scares. There’s also been drama, but for the most we’ve given each other our space.

But there was always something about ditching school that terrified me. I never understood the kids who spoke of ditching so casually. Either they had done it, or they were going to do it, and either way, it was no big deal. I would stand there trembling at the thought of someone calling out, “Hey, you there! Where are you supposed to be?”

Bored student

The consequences always seemed above my capacity to handle. I never had a clear idea of what the actual consequences would be, but in every scenario it ended with facing my dad. The other stuff, whatever it was, would be horrible. Having my dad find out, and the interrogation that would follow, that would be terrifying. I imagined myself trying to explain, which is silly for two reasons.

Reason 1: He would consider nothing I would say to be a valid reason. That was predetermined.

Reason 2: I had no valid reasons.

Bonus Reason: Even if I lied, I couldn’t have thought up a reason valid enough to meet with his approval.

My dad would lead the investigation and my mom would sit silently on a chair imagining that I’m already 3 months with child. I will tell them that a friend was having a party. He’d demand to know the friend’s name. I’ll insist he doesn’t know the person. He’ll insist on the name anyway. He’ll try and figure out what sort of person this is by the sound of his name. He’ll make wild statements about the kind of person he must be by the sound of his name. I’ll give the slightest expression that his theories are based on air. He’ll focus on the fact that it’s a boy’s name. My mom will shift uneasily in her chair. That’s the first minute of the conversation.

I did ditch school a couple of times, maybe three. One of them was senior skip day. My friends kept assuring me that it was a tradition and that all the teachers knew about it and expected us to skip. Still, I was very uneasy when I left the school that day. I imagined that our car would break down and somehow it’d get to be so big a problem that I’d have to call my dad. I don’t think I unclenched my butt the entire time we were at this party in this field. I didn’t like the music much or the crowd. Also, there was lots of raunchy dancing.

There was this other time when my boyfriend, who was already out of high school, arranged to pick me up so that we can actually spend time together. My parents didn’t know about him. My heart was racing as I walked out of the school trying my damnedest to look casual and law-abiding. But he had an old school Chevy Impala, and he drove with the seat leaned all the way back like a gangsta, and the windows were rolled down… We went to his house and played Monopoly (which I hate) with his family, who apparently didn’t care that I was skipping school. It was a good time. Lots of laughs.

I don’t remember a third time, but I’m sure it must exist somewhere in the files of my repressed mind.

Either way, anytime I was skipping I would imagine that the school burned down and my parents would arrive looking for me among the living I wouldn’t be there. They would assume the worst. This is pre-cellphones. I’d show up at home later thinking everything is fine, and then I would die. Yes, I would be killed. He would kill me.

There was just so much that could happen when I wasn’t around. There was so much that was out of my control. And not only that, school was safe. If I wanted to be bad in school, I just had to sit next to my one friend who a long-term loving relationship with her boyfriend. She’d tell us every juicy bit about their sex lives. And everything I know about whether or not I have a fat or bony vagina I learned from her. I should probably do further research, except it doesn’t matter. I love myself.

I also passed notes on a regular basis. My circle or friends would pass two page long notes to each other in class. Imagine, I spend all of period 2 and a portion of 3 writing this thing, and she spends a quarter of 3rd reading it, three-quarters of 3rd, all of 4th and the start of 5th responding to it. Imagine also that there were multiple letters, notes and funny pictures being circulated and responded to. I remember saying, I’ve got to get this letter done by 4th so that I can give it to her in the hall before 5th. We learned a lot in school… about each other’s feelings. What’s with guys? How come they don’t pass notes as much?

I was also a very talkative student. I just had something to say every minute of class. Often it was to the teacher, more often it was to my friends. That all depended on the teacher and the subject, of course. Some classes I would listen. Some classes I would talk and listen. Some classes I would talk. So yeah, I was a pretty badass kid growing up. There was just something about ditching.


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24 thoughts on “Ditching School

  1. “My dad would lead the investigation and my mom would sit silently on a chair imagining that I’m already 3 months with child.” ahahahahaha! UGH! I LOVE YOU! and I love that photo! I missed 76 days of high school my senior year, thank god I’m a genius haha!

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    1. It’s all truth! I can’t make this shit up. 76 days! I was proud of getting through math on my likeable personality, but you were on a whole other level of boss on that one. Honestly, I used to feel bad that some of my friends spent so much time studying when I was like screw this, I wanna live! and still made decent grades. Also, I can totally vouch for your genius. Anytime you’d like to unburden yourself of some just holler at a sister.

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  2. I was a nerd in high school. 😀
    Except in 8th Grade…I left school on a regular basis, using my diabetes as an excuse to leave gym class and “go to the nurse” until the gym teacher noticed me walking down the road while everyone was on the track (Side note: Obviously, my nerdiness lacked commonsense) and called my mom and dad. Mom and dad hooked the teacher and school nurse on my ploy and the next time I asked to go to the nurse’s office, I got an escort from another student who was not my friend…
    …suddenly, I began feeling a LOT better.

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  3. My father was also the interrogator, one “look” from him could have me wetting my pants. When I was in high school (MANY YEARS AGO) my father worked for the department of transportation and I drove a “hot little stand up and notice me firebird”. When I would ditch school, the guys he worked with would radio in to him that I was ditching school AGAIN. How is that fair? The whole county was watching me. I can’t share how many days of my senior year I skipped either for fear that someone will send me back to high school to repeat all the time I missed. Hint: I missed more than I went 😉

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  4. I only ditched school twice and both times I had a note from my mother so I don’t know if it counts as ditching school if your mother gives you permission to ditch school. Usually my father was the cool parent but I guess my mom had her moments.

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    1. I hate to break it to you Kerry… I don’t know if we can put you down for skipping with a parental note 😃. On the other hand, I have kept my kids home from school on occasion and called it ditching, so I might be a hypocrite there. I think it’s cool for parents to give their kids a day off every once in awhile just to keep things interesting. Everyone loves a random free day, that’s for sure! You’ll be signing notes for your daughter before you know it. ☺


  5. Hah loved this reminiscing about days of bunking and imagining an errant Lyz. I did go out a few times with my friends, bunking school during school hours, so my parents never found out or my mother’s rolling pin would have had a field day. xx

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  6. I found my high school agenda the other day and all it had in it were notes between my friends and I.
    I couldn’t skip school as I lived in a small place with a big family who everyone knew:(

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    1. I guess we all find our ways to get our little dose of rebellion. Yours was not recording homework assignments and writing notes, lol. Seriously, my agenda was useless as well. I’d get home, feel like I had something I was supposed to work on but have nothing recorded. So it was tv for me!

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  7. I love your writing and the way you think. This post totally takes me back. I can’t even remember how many days I missed in High School – partly because I am getting on in years and partly because there were so many. I do remember one time; I had left during 3rd period and was hanging at a Tommys’s (burger place in L.A.), and all of a sudden the vice principal of my high school came charging through the front door, and the armed security guard that patrolled for delinquents rushed in the back. They gathered us up and brought us back to school and about 15 minutes after the stern lecture, I snuck out a side gate and went to a friends house. I never did go to Tommy’s again.

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    1. Whoa, those people were committed to education! Bursting into a burger joint to make a bust? Did they at least let you take the rest of your burger along with you? I can imagine you vetting a lecture and trying to get in the last bites of tour sandwich inconspicuously 😅. And then you snuck out again! You’re on another level. I must say I admire your gumption woman.

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  8. I skipped school all the time. Probably explains why I got 29% on my grade 12 final exam. I just didn’t give a fuck. Looking back, I may have made some poor choices while in high school. Oh well, at at least I got 50% in biology. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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