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A Tiny Little Post: Grey Hairs

I haven’t found a single gray hair on my head, ever. I’ve been telling myself that when that time comes I’ll embrace it Helen Mirren style. But my friend was over the other day and she said something awful as she analyzed sections of her hair in front of my mirror. She said, “I used to think that I was just going to embrace my grays as I grew older, but I hate them so much.” Shit. I looked at her with sad puppy eyes. I asked, “You mean to tell me that I’ve been putting all of my eggs into this I’ll just embrace it basket and it might fail me when the time comes?” She looked at me briefly and keeled over in laughter.

But really, who am I kidding? I always feel a special privilege when I hear people talk about their grays and I can’t relate. I’m glad I can’t relate to finding the right shade to cover the grays without going too dark as women often do because dark is sometimes the only way to conceal them, and if you’ve got highlights that’s even more of a battle to get it right. Nope. I can’t relate. I learned a lot though.

I feel really good about myself in an unhealthy way, as if I have anything to do with whether or not my hair turns grey. Karma will probably be giving me my first one as I sleep tonight.. Ye gods, I’m not ready.

Here’s what I imagine I should look like.

iwannabealady.com gray hair renee davis

On the day that I find my first gray hair, this will be the extent of my vision.

iwannabealady.com crazy cat lady simpsons gray hair

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27 thoughts on “A Tiny Little Post: Grey Hairs

    1. That’s hilarious! Your momma must have been dying of laughter on the other end of that phone call. I can see her trying to console you while holding back giggles.
      I’m one of those women who treats her hair horribly and wonders how it even survives, so I can’t see a future where I get it colored regularly. I hope the grays come in a cool pattern that makes me tolerate or even love it… not holding my breath.

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  1. I had my first grey hair at 25 (I’m 29) now. It was actually white, instead of grey which I was super excited about. I have strawberry blonde hair naturally so it was a toss up because they say redheads get white hair instead of grey. But I dyed it like a week later. I have *yet* to get another. Fingers crossed!

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  2. I have to guess your children have not entered their teenage years yet, or you don’t have daughters, BOTH will assuredly cause you grey hairs, and as they age, you will get to a point that you can actually FEEL them growing

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