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Outfit Post: Gym Clothes

I used to think that walking around the gym with a sports bra and gym pants was just a little bit slutty. Not raging slutty, but low-key slutty. I’m different now. What brought about the change? That’s a good question and I have two answers.

  1. I wanted to be comfortable and not give a crap what anyone else thought. I am a sweater. Not the article of clothing. The kind that finds my tank top wet and stuck to my body during an intense workout. Sometimes I’d walk around with my shirt pulled up to air out my abs but leave my precious sports bra-covered bosom concealed.

Walking around with a sweaty shirt became less appealing then looking like a Jezebel. Most often, I walk in like this.

iwannabealady.com outfit gym workout clothes fashion

Transition to this.

iwannabealady.com outfit gym workout clothes fashion

And end like this.

iwannabealady.com outfit gym workout clothes fashion

You’ll notice that the wet hair also went up.

2. I like being slutty, and when my abs look especially good, even more so. I’m kidding, of course. Who gave me the right to say what slutty is?

I don’t own a ton of gym clothes, and if you’d like to get started at the gym, don’t think that you have to go out and fill a shopping cart full of gym pants, high performance shirts and sneakers in every color. It’s called a washer and dryer.

Since losing the armband for my phone, this fanny pack has been helpful in keeping me from stuffing my phone into my bra which is a terrible habit, not at all good for our breasts. There’s also Bluetooth headphones out there which are a great option.

iwannabealady.com outfit gym workout clothes fashion

I’ve had these old Nike’s for 6 years at least. I’ve since put some bleach on the soles and was quite embarrassed to realize just how filthy they were. I feel like I bought a new pair of shoes.

Sponsorship Alert: I’d love to work with some sneaker companies in modeling some shoes for you. Send them my way!

iwannabealady.com outfit gym workout clothes fashion

One of my favorite things about this Star Wars gym look is that the blocks of color at the bottom of the pants remind me of TIE fighters zooming about the galaxy firing lasers at enemy ships.

This is a shirt that I also wear outside of the gym, as some of you may remember. Dressing for the gym doesn’t have to only include “gym clothes” because some of us have money to save. Again, if any companies would like to send me cute gym clothes, I’ll rock them for you.

iwannabealady.com outfit gym workout clothes fashion
Please excuse the awful lighting.

Style tip: Cutoff tee shirts are a great way create or accentuate an hourglass figure. The wide top creates a certain balance with wider hips and creates a narrower waist.

iwannabealady.com outfit gym workout clothes fashion

iwannabealady.com outfit gym workout clothes fashion

Last point: Don’t be afraid of a little color or pattern. Having some fun with your outfits will make working out a bit more motivating. Never underestimate the power of fashion and a lifted booty.

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8 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Gym Clothes

  1. Lyz, I’m jealous. You look stunning. Fit and strong. At 35. After 2 kids. I’m 26 and childless and pretty sure I’ll never look like that. Your abs, toned arms, curvy legs, you should be very proud. You know I’m a water sports kind of girl but, if I’m going to the gym or doing some workout that doesn’t involve water I wear a gym bra, old tops or t-shirts, gym leggings or pants or a pair of my simple everyday black leggings. No pretty gym clothes for me. I’m all about wearing what I’ve had for 7 years and which is old but still wearable. My gym shoes are from 11th grade, as well as my gym bag. I was in 11th grade in 2010 lol

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    1. Aww shucks, thanks darling. My weight fluctuates, but I try to keep it manageable. I’m proud of getting my ass back on track after this rough year. Although I’m not a big advocate of spending money on more stuff, I do believe that looking good helps us to feel more encouraged. To be honest, I don’t think I’d walk into the gym and feel motivated if I felt frumpy. That being said, I’ve had my gym shoes for years and have 4 pairs total, though I wear the black ones 98% of the time. I see lots of people with all of this cute gear that I’d like to have, but I might get resentful about my workouts if they make me broke! 🙂 I guess it’s all about balance and what works for us. When I was at the gym 5 days a week I did buy more pants so I could do laundry less often, but those days are distant memory. Maybe some company will read this and send me some gym clothes to model damn it. I keep saying it, but so far no bites. hahaha


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