increase productivity creativity and reduce stress

Get More Brains and Creativity

Sometimes I’d just like to tie my brain to a chair and beat it with a hose;* the movies have taught me the effectiveness of such methods, but now science is telling me. This movie is getting complicated. Turns out, treating our brains kindly and letting it do its own thing can be a very good thing.

increase productivity creativity and reduce stress

Let’s be honest, you’ve probably wanted to make your brain your bitch at least 5 times today. And like a regular lame human, you thought threats (You will do nothing fun or interesting until you complete this project) deprivation (You will get no sleep until you remember the name of that stupid movie that I want to tell people on the internet not to watch) and insults (Why do you have to be so unfocused and stupid all the time) would bring it to acquiescence.

Stop it. Stop running your brain like your mean third grade teacher or your older cousin who swore he grew chest hairs every time he was left to babysit. You’re better than that. And treating your brain more kindly- a radical idea- will make it more likely to come along with you without a fight. You’ve heard the old saying, you attract more flies with honey than vinegar, now let’s explore how we can all get more brains. Ted is coming along.

Here is my curated list of Ted Talks to encourage brain productivity, creativity and peace of mind.

You Attract More Brains With Boredom Than With Getting Useless Shit Done

boredom increases brain productivity creativity

You Attract More Brains With Doing Everything Wrong Than Doing Them Right

Habits of original thinkers productivity creativity

You Attract More Brains With Walking Than Sitting Down

Creativity and Walking ted talk productivity creativity

You Attract More Brains With Sleep Than Netflix Marathons

You Attract More Brains With Playfulness Than Seriousness

You Attract More Brains With Doodling Than Just Listening

You Attract More Brains With Being the Vessel Rather Than the Source


This is a short little list, but I think it’s a great one. Every video gave me new knowledge, inspiration and needed reminders to take care of my brain and myself, and I know that you’ll find the same encouragement and insight. Of course, the value is more in the doing than the hearing, so be sure to do and reap the benefits of a better life. It won’t cost you a thing.

My favorite (I’m biased as a writer) was Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk on the workings of the creative mind. I loved her inclusion of historical info, humor, and writer’s language. And the habits of original thinkers, wow. Enjoy!

Which topic are you most looking forward to exploring?

*see Introduction to Poetry by Billy Collins (one of my favorite poets)

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My name is Lyz-Stephanie and I want to inspire you to be more connected to yourself and the world, to find beauty in simple pleasures, and to have more adventures. Every day we can do something to make our lives happier and richer, make our minds more active and engaged. I’m on the journey. Will you join me?


29 thoughts on “Get More Brains and Creativity

  1. As a lover of sleep, I appreciate that I can say I get more brains from it. I think I’ll keep that one handy 😉

    These are all very interesting and inspiring topics though! It’s true, we need to nourish ourselves, not beat ourselves up.

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    1. Lol, I’m glad it’s supporting your habit. I can’t believe how much more beneficial it is then I ever imagined. We just keep discovering how well our bodies are designed. I forced myself to bed last night after this one.

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      1. I actually just got “Aimless Love”. I recently discovered him and he is so good! I am definitely going to read all his stuff and please don’t hesitate to pass along your favorites! And, any other suggestions for reading are much much appreciated. I love your literary taste and talent.

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  2. You have just done so much homework for me with this curated list! I swear Lyz, you are responsible for all the media and books I have been consuming since I found your blog. You never lead me wrong! I have a hard time shutting up my mental abuse, so I just try to say two nice things for everytime I threaten to beat my brain with a hose

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    1. What an incredible compliment💜 This is something I love to do; it kind of feeds the love I have for teaching and sharing, and it makes me so damn happy to hear that I help in some way. I like your technique of layering positive over the harsh. We can be pretty cruel to ourselves. You do so much good, and I’m so inspired by you. I’m glad I can give back.

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  3. Which topic are you most looking forward to exploring?

    #1 — You Attract More Brains With Doing Everything Wrong Than Doing Them Right
    #2 — You Attract More Brains With Playfulness Than Seriousness
    Over the last two plus decades my motto with #1 is “Learning to fail BETTER!” And sometimes, not often, but sometimes it is a DISASTER. A complete a total FLOP! LOL But in the long run, it has always been the most profound way of learning permanently! HAH!
    And with #2? Fun and playfulness has always provided the most non-judgmental, comfortable atmosphere for BRILLIANT ideas, activities, visions, and of course… hilarious numbskull brain-childs!!! LOL 😛
    This was an ENVIGORATING and INSPIRING, MOTIVATING post Lyz! Thank you! ❤

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    1. I love learning to fail better. I know very well the struggle of fear of failure, and pushing myself more has led to such encouraging results. I want to keep at it. I bet you came up with some hilarious stories in hindsight of those disasters. I find they’re always funny from a position of time and distance.

      You’ve hit the nail with those benefits of play. Isn’t it great that something fun can lead to so much good. It’s like free drugs without the negative side effects 🙄

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    2. I wrote an entire comment and it deleted! Here’s the gist: I love “learning to fail better” because it truly is a matter of perspective and helps to dull the sting that comes with being afraid to fail (something I know well). I bet you got some good stories to tell from those disasters. Funny or dramatic, it’ll be a tale, and I think you’ve got what it takes to make it a good tale. 🙂

      Isn’t it great how something fun can have so many benefits? Like free drugs without the negative side effects. Priceless!

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  4. We probably try to do too much therefore stressing out brains and choking off creativity. Stress and anxiety can lead to a brain that is just plain tired. One could throw lack of rest and perhaps overthinking can be culprits too.

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  5. Since being mentally ill (I mean, I guess I was before but since knowing it and deciding to do something about it) I have thought about putting brain foods in my body and I catch myself eating things I don’t even like much just because they’re good for my brain such as avocados (yuck), 85% dark chocolate (I’ve gotten used to it), salmon ( that I love) and such. Do you focus on it too?

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    1. You know, when it comes to eating, I don’t think about it as much as I should. You’ve just reminded me of that fact. I normally focus on other things like taking a different route worm when I’m driving somewhere because it helps the brain, or trying to pronounce a difficult word or name I come across because that also exercises the brain. Stuff like that. I should definitely be thinking more about my food though. Have you tried adding a little bit of salt and pepper to your avocados? Or maybe blend some into a smoothie. Is that something people do?


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