The Right Panties


The wrong panties have the power to destroy a good time, and goodness help you if you aren’t in a position to go without them– for instance, you’re wearing tight jeans and would rather not get rug burn down there.

Here I am on a very short nature walk. I could have extended this walk for much further if I hadn’t worn the wrong panties… again. Panties are like children, better seen than felt. Wait, I don’t think that’s the way that saying goes. Either way, panties should be seen and not felt. Unfortunately, thongs don’t give a damn about the sizes that my ass increases and decreases and whether it’s keeping up with those changes.

Thongs are cats. They don’t give a damn. Cotton hipsters are dogs. They are here to serve. Except for my dog Porter whose brain would conveniently shut off every time he wanted to do something he knew he shouldn’t be doing.

Me: Porter, you shouldn’t be eating tubes of lipstick and chair cushions.

Porter: I didn’t realize that was frowned upon around here. My word, someone might have told me. Oh you did tell me. Yes, you’re right, my brain must’ve been dead for some time and just come back on. It’s sad, really, when you think about it; I’ll never make it into the police force with this condition.

I digress. Listen ladies, in the game of life, it’s important to remember that the things we own serve us, not the other way around. We are the captain’s of our ship and the masters of our fate (see Invictus). I can’t blame society for my panties riding up my ass. I had a choice. I can only blame myself for any chafing and hand-down-my-pants wedgie wrestling that ensues. Yes, it’s cliché, but comfort and sexy go hand in hand.

Sexy is not walking like a T-Rex because the arch on your heels is way too high for you to properly balance. Sexy is not walking like you got the thick end of a dry stick up your butt because your thongs are too tight. Sometimes having four butt cheeks is better than two. Life is about balance.

If you put on a few pounds and you’d rather not buy new panties, skip out on buying the new lipstick, makeup palette, dress, or coffee. Buy bigger panties. Just do it. Coochie burn will not remind you to lose weight; it will only make you less active: it will only make you feel less sexy. And who in the heck wants that?

Who’s got a funny wore the wrong panties story? Who else loves a good pair of granny panties? Who owns more hipsters than thongs? Let’s talk about the bits that cover our lady bits!




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26 thoughts on “The Right Panties

  1. You….lol Well you know I have my special funeral panties. I’m hoping St. Peter gives me bonus points for those. Most of my panties are hipsters. Some thongs for special occasions. The other day Tommy asked what I was doing with my hand down my pants. I swear one cheek had just gone rogue and pushed all the pantie onto the other cheek. Oh he says I thought you had an itch. No dude, we don’t stick our hands down our pants to scratch ourselves. We’re ladies! lol

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    1. Haha, we ladies only stick our hands down our pants to locate rouge butt cheeks. Scratching? What are we, barbarians?! I’ve gotta admit, though, I’m dying to know if this funeral panties go as high as your navel. 😀

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    1. How’d you know I was laughing! 😃 I love it when people own their funny 💜 No offense to anyone, but I feel like St. Peter will be very delighted. The points are rolling in!

      Also, this is something I’ve never thought about before. I need to. I wanna be a lady!

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  2. Let’s talk about the benefits of bareback. I have an entire wardrobe of sweatpants (aka “yoga” pants) that I simply don’t think need undergarments. My “fancy” athletic wear (skirts) have built in panties. Warm or cold, skip em, I say. Less laundry too 😉

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  3. I own a couple thongs and some cute “cheeky” underwear from VS. I can’t remember the last time I wore them. Cotton boy shorts/hipsters all the way. I spend my days chasing 3 kids, ain’t no one got time for any extra “needs” going on!

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    1. Boy shorts and hipsters are the best thing that’s happened to women’s underwear since the thong. It’s such a great middle ground between super sexy but sometimes uncomfortable and super comfortable with no sex appeal at all. There should be a National cotton boy shorts day!


  4. Because I like lounging in my undies sometimes, I’ve acquired quite the collection of boy shorts & hipsters! Plus, I tend to steal my boyfriend’s boxer briefs haha


  5. I have variety but I end up wearing my comfy cheeky/thong panties the most. If you have butt wearing anything that cuts it off in the middle gives you this weird quadro-butt that I am not living for. I can’t wear regular panties or this happens.

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    1. My butt is definitely capable of achieving quadro-butt level as well, lol. But when I’m wearing something very loose and flowy, I love a good pair of regular panties. They feel like a guilty pleasure. Comfy cheeky/thong panties sound delightful. You’ve found your perfect match. 🙂

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  6. “Panties are like children, better seen than felt.”
    I think you could write a thesis analyzing that statement 😀
    Or base 10 minutes of stand-up on it 🙂
    Should they be seen by everyone or just you when you put them on?
    Speaking of stand-up? Do you know Michelle Wolf? I think you might like her. I like her best when she appears on the British Show “8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown” where they make fun of British vs American accents.

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    1. Lol, that statement is all over the place. I may need psychoanalysis! It does seem like I’m leaving something on the table to only show off my panties to myself 😀

      I haven’t heard of Michelle Wolf, but I’ll definitely check her out! That show title sounds just as wacky as I’d expect from the Brits, lol. Thank you!

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  7. Ha! This post is fantastic and though I’m
    Late I’m here girl I’m HERE! Lol! This is pretty embarrassing but we have this puppy now. She sneaks into the laundry whether it’s clean or not-
    And RIPS APART EVERYTHING!!!!!! So I have like… 3 panties To my name Lmfao and need to DESPERATELY go panty shopping!!!!!! She eats socks, and basically anything she can sink little fucking demon teeth into and I’ve had it up to HEREEEE! So. That being said. I’m low key happy I have an excuse for a total panty makeover! The seamless, soft hipsters are my GO TO! If they squeeze into my hips or create any kind of extra love handles they’re not fuckin happening. And I feel like hipsters give me more of a booty you know?! G-strings are unacceptable. Who wants tooth floss in their ass?! Thongs I only wear if my outfit demands it lol ok I’ve shared enough!!! Xoxo 😘

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    1. I love this journey into your panty drawer. It’s just what we needed to take our relationship to the next level😄. Seriously, that puppy is walking a thin line. My dog chewed up every piece of furniture in the house and the contents of my work bag and more. My bleeding heart friends would look at me like I was soulless villain on occasions where I lost my shit and threatened his life. In short, I feel your pain. I’ll never have a puppy again. They’re adorable little devil’s, and I ain’t trying to die young.

      Good for you looking at the bright side, panty shopping. Lock a.m. up in Tupperware this time. Damn dog, lol. Seamless, soft hipsters are the best and do frame out the booty in a way that makes it look more juicy. Some kind of magic.

      Late or not, I’m so glad you’re here 💜💜💜 You’re my boo thang. If you don’t know, now you know 😚

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      1. Lmao I threaten that animals life every day. And my daughter accidentally overheard it once and cried. My bad kid. lol control your beast! lol I can’t deal! I only do it because she’s obsessed with the thing but it was her dads idea! Fucking men. Lol

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        1. Haha, she needs to control her beast, seriously. She gon learn today! All these dogs on tv looking adorable and they’re behind the scenes reeking havoc. My son convinced me to get a cat. She’s easier than my dog, but sheds wayyy worse. Sigh and more sigh.

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  8. As a guy, I tend to avoid wearing panties, or indeed knickers as we like to say over here. But i noticed you mentioned your dog. And this fits in nicely, as I have a Chocolate Labrador with his own fetish for my wife’s. He’s so adept at stealing them that ai will be blogging about it soon…….

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    1. That sounds like a perfectly lovely adventure to get into! Do you know yet what the title for this piece will be? That ought to be part of the fun 😀 Your wife may just resort to buying big ole granny panties from now on since the good ones get destroyed so often. There’s a lot at stake 😅

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