Instagram Fashion: March

I love doing these posts at the end of the month because it gives me a chance to go back through all the fashion I’ve saved and realize commonalities I that I didn’t recognize before. February had a strong hippie vibe and this month it seems my crush was on menswear. You all know how much I love my feminine style, so you won’t be surprised to find a good bit of it still infused in this post. Also scattered throughout are some beauty bits and accessories that I drooled over. Enjoy an eyeful of beautiful things!

Instagram fashion

But wait, there’s more!

Instagram fashion

I mean, how perfect is this outfit? It makes my heart beat faster.

Instagram fashion

These pants have got a retro vibe that I love. Think That 70s Show.

Instagram fashion

For the next time I’m at a fancy resort and the goal is to lounge and look pretty instead of actually going into the water. One piece swimsuits have sure been improving these past few years.

Instagram fashion

I love the combination of frilly and structured, masculine and feminine. I have a couple of lace tops that have been lingering in my closet; I think I’ll pull them out and see what I can create.

Instagram fashion

If you haven’t fallen in love, you need to get your heart checked. The color combination, the classic style, the attention to detail, the playfulness. These shoes are a freaking dream.

Instagram fashion iwannabealady.comThis look is so simple and easy to wear. All it took to elevate it was the unexpected length and color of this blazer. I love that this outfit could be worn almost anywhere and still feel appropriate.

Instagram fashion

One day I’ll wear long voluminous white trousers like an old Hollywood star. And yes, I will strut around like I own the place.

Instagram fashion

These nails are so delicious I’d have to fight the urge not to lick them. Who else wants to lick these nails? I can’t be the only one.

Instagram fashion

Don’t even get me started on this one. That’ll require its own blog post. But damn it if this hoodie isn’t speaking the truth. I’m not much for wearing clothes with messages, but I’d totally wear this. Somebody hand me my extra large hoop earrings!

Instagram fashion gym style stronger

Pretty sure this company was stalking me before designing and branding their line of gym clothes. I am their ideal customer. And I like how they use a variety of body types in their ads.

Instagram fashion swimsuit

Retro without being kitchy. I know nothing about the French Riviera, but I feel like I’m supposed to be there with a golden tan wearing this bikini.

Instagram fashion

Olivia Burton watches and jewelry is another brand that feels tailor made for me. If you love nature, a feminine aesthetic, and classic style, you should definitely check out their page. It’s just dripping with beauty.

Instagram fashion iwannabealady.comThis outfit transports me to a dimension where I’m driving a Ferrari and casually relaxing on private jets. Just a typical Saturday morning. What I also love is that the look itself is very simple. A few metallic elements, a couple of structured pieces and a perfect pair of aviators. May I also mention that these are total grandma shoes brought back to life.


Instagram fashion

Another versatile look. The outfit is simple with a bit of edge. The accessories and details make it shine, as well as the contrast of colors.

Now it’s your turn! Which looks inspire you the most?

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26 thoughts on “Instagram Fashion: March

    1. That’s right, you love yellow! This post is understandably tough for you, lol. I didn’t realize how much yellow I was drawn to until I started assembling the images. Sunshine seeping into my heart 😀

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    1. I grew up thinking that the 80s style was the very worst (besides 70s browns and orange) and I never really thought much about a 90s style (I’m 35, btw). But I love a good amount of the 80s/90s stuff. I was wearing my fanny pack before the style came out and now YSL got their hands on it, lol. Also, I don’t care how they package it– the ugly dad shoe is a No for all time. What do you think?

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      1. I just love how it’s becoming a huge influence in the urban scene. I feel like the retro vibe is hardcore coming back and I LOVE it! I’ve been on pinterest like crazy trying to get inspo 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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