The Junk Drawers Are Alive

Clarity and focus doesn_t always come from God or inspirational quotes. Usually, it takes your mother to slap the reality back into you.2

My junk drawers are alive. They must be. There’s no other explanation for the number of junk drawers in my house save that they’re copulating in the night and increasing in number. I certainly had no direct control over the situation, I mean, I didn’t set out to live in a home with, let’s just say, a lot of junk drawers.

Take a moment to count up the number of junk drawers, shelves, closets and/or rooms in your house. Is the number one that you care to share?

For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing a major decluttering of my house. There’s shit everywhere. I ask myself what the hell is all this stuff as if it’s set to a timer. Every 5 minutes, what the hell is all this stuff? Every junk drawer I open becomes a pit of stuff I think I need, might need, never needed, forgot I had, don’t even know what this is so I’ll keep it just in case, stuff.

30 Days to Minimalism

In order to get really started on this move to living as minimally as I can comfortably handle, I downloaded this 30 Days to Minimalism pdf by the fantastic Pick Up Limes. She’s one of those women whose tranquil demeanor makes me feel like a loudmouth wreck. Her hair probably smells of strawberries all the time. You should check her out. She’s broken down the journey to minimalism process into a 30 days step by step checklist. I love a good list.

Day 1 had me staring at a couch full of purses, bags and wallets and a coffee table full of old receipts, business cards, various lip glosses I had been searching for, coins, flattened sticks of gum, and more pens than any one person should ever need in a lifetime. But it felt like I’d conquered the world when it was all done.

There was a countdown clock on my sense of jubilation, though, because she sticks Clothes casually into Day 2 as if she wants us to get heart attacks. I’m sure there’s a method to her madness, but I can’t make it out.

What if my progress stalls?

What if I can’t muster up the endurance for this journey? I have a lot of clothes.

I phone a friend with my concerns, but she only cheers me on, tells me how she’s proud of me. Damn. Now I have the added pressure of not disappointing her. Why can’t I have deadbeat friends?

I don’t have a walk-in closet. I know. It’s sad. But I decide not to follow my carnal hoarding instincts and let go of a huge percentage of my clothes. There were tears; there was deep thinking; there was mostly trying stuff on and staring at myself in the mirror for long periods of time, rotating to different angles trying to decide– Keep. Donate. Toss.

I could write 5 blog posts about the clothes decluttering stage. As a matter of fact, I’m going to copy and paste the above paragraph as the introduction to my blog post on, you guessed it, Decluttering My Clothes.

Another day, I find an old wood handled kitchen utensil that probably hasn’t been touched since the 80s. I like the 80s look of it. Maybe I should keep it. I could even paint the handle a cute color– teal or pink, something to match my kitchen. This is how my mind behaves whenever it’s interested in something that’s probably best sent on its way. I get my most creative when I’m trying to convince myself to hold onto things I should probably get rid of.

At this point in the decluttering process, I’ve veered from the well-planned course. The itch to toss things grew too strong. I’ve been going through my house like the Tasmanian Devil– nothing in my path is safe; every room is getting worked on simultaneously. This is a great and terrible thing. Everywhere I look there’s piles of stuff being sorted, trash bags full of the good, bad and ugly. I start to remember that the list was created for a reason– to prevent overwhelm.

Anytime we start a major decluttering of our space, it’s tempting and understandable to just start working on whatever catches our eye in the moment, but do try hard to resist. Having a system doesn’t just minimize overwhelm but it keeps things orderly and prevents areas of our house from falling through the cracks. When I veered from the list, my natural scatterbrained tendencies took over. Try your best to stick with the plan.

As for me, I’ll be visiting the Office and Media category which I completely skipped over because, ughhhhhh. But it has to be done. Decluttering feels to me like a cleaning of the soul and I want mine to be sparkly. It won’t always be fun, but it will always feel rewarding. I hope that you take a look at the list and take a look around your home and see what space you can create. Remember that every piece of everything that we own comes with a cost, and I don’t mean the purchase cost (although that too).

Clarity and focus doesn_t always come from God or inspirational quotes. Usually, it takes your mother to slap the reality back into you.2

Have you ever decided on a major decluttering of your space? How did it, or is it, going for you?

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My name is Lyz-Stephanie and I want to inspire you to be more connected to yourself and the world, to find beauty in simple pleasures, and to have more adventures. Every day we can do something to make our lives happier and richer, make our minds more active and engaged. I’m on the journey. Will you join me?



17 thoughts on “The Junk Drawers Are Alive

    1. I know just what you mean! I’ve been having the same issue with keeping my car empty. I used to have a wardrobe in my trunk and now I always want something that’s no longer there. What are we supposed to do?! I’m just deciding to take my chances and let stuff go for my sanity.

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  1. I just cleaned out these
    copulating drawers this weekend and you guessed it- they’re filling back up once again. I can NOT!!!!!!!!! Decluterring is a bitch. But it feel so good once it’s all said and done!!! I do this whenever I go on some random emotional rage. It’s pretty traumatic wouldn’t you say? lol xoxox

    Liked by 2 people

    1. We should just start calling them rabbit drawers. 🙄 I feel like my whole life is put together when I can open a drawer and pick out something I need without rifling through old door knobs and paper clips and 20 unsharpened never used pencils… I’m actually naming the stuff in one of the drawers as I type this, haha. This drawer was pristine 6 months ago. Emotional rage is the best cleaner!

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  2. I feel exactly the same! I struggle so much to get rid of stuff as my mind tries to convince me that I somehow NEED clothes or things that I probably will never use. I am trying to decluter section by section to get rid of stuff but it is so hard haha! I always try and tell myself I can’t have new things if I don’t get rid of the old things haha. Love this post!! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey girlie, I’m glad you can relate! The struggle is definitely real, lol. If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably fall off a few times and have to restart. Just keep going. I’m in it with you! 😥😅


  3. Oh boy…. I have two junk drawers…and brace yourself….a junk room. Yea…its bad..I need to declutter! You always give me these timely kicks in ass….er…gentle motivations lol

    Liked by 1 person

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