How to Style a plain white tee

Outfit Post: Styling a Plain White Tee

It’s a shame that it’s taken me so long in life to realize that I should be wearing a plain white tee 1-2 times a week at least. It’s a classic, it’s versatile, and oh so cozy. But maybe you’re afraid that the fashion gods will throw you to the discard heap. Maybe you’re afraid that you’ll become one of those people who everyone expects to show up underdressed. Maybe you’re worried you’ll become boring. Maybe you should put those fears to rest.

The white tee is a wardrobe staple for a reason. It manages to maintain its strong identity while also becoming whatever you need it to be. Here are 3 ways to style your LWT.


How to Style a plain white tee

This particular shirt is one my favorite clothing pieces. It’s a basic Hanes size large men’s v-neck and it goes with everything.

How to Style a plain white tee

When it comes to white tees, I find the most flattering ones for women are loose with a boxy cut. V-necks also tend to be the easiest to style and the most flattering.

How to Style a plain white tee

I got this vintage art deco brooch at an antique fair last year and it cost me just a few dollars. It automatically elevates the look and adds interest. Coupled with a pair of preppy brown suede oxfords and this look is casual and polished.


How to Style a plain white tee

Sometimes a girl just wants a little color, like this delicate pink tee which stays in the spirit of the white tee while infusing some softness.

How to style a plain white tee shirt

The struggle when it’s a bright sunny day and I’m not wearing my sunglasses. The squint is real.

How to style a plain white tee shirt

How to Style a plain white tee

Roll your sleeves high or low to vary the look. I personally prefer a high, loosely rolled sleeve.

How to Style a plain white tee

Shoes and accessories make a big difference in whether your look is casual or more polished. Again, the basic white tee shirt is a canvas for your mood and look. Have fun with it. Here I’ve worn a simple but bold cuff bracelet and simple black and white sneakers to create a look that’s urban swag.


How to Style a plain white tee

How to style a basic white tee shirt

If a crew neck is more your style, go for it.

How to style a basic white tee shirt


When shopping for a crew neck tee, be sure to look for collars that aren’t too loose. There’s nothing so sloppy looking as a wavy, ill-fitting collar. Here I stuck my hair into a tight high bun for a more sophisticated look.

How to Style a plain white tee

I paired this tee shirt with a black pleated skirt and black pumps. A fancier necklace and handmade embroidered bag (another thrift store treasure) elevates the look. You could even go a step further and add a blazer for a business meeting or a soft cashmere sweater for dinner.

That’s all for now ladies. Which look is your favorite? Do you often rock a basic white tee?

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33 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Styling a Plain White Tee

    1. Hey Jen, yes you the pairing with bold patterns. I have an 80’s tennis skirt that would be perfect. White tees are definitely worth having. You should do a post with your white tees! Have you done something like that yet? 😀


  1. Such cute looks! I love your fashion posts! The older I get, the more I understand why brands like James Perse exist and why people spend $100 on T-shirts. I’m literally Goldilocks and the three tees; finding the perfect T-shirt cut, weight, and material is ESSENTIAL for my life now. Great post as per usj!

    Dom |

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