Sigh, Technology.

About a week ago, I told you all that my site was under construction. I expressed that technology was kicking my butt, yet I was hoping for the best. Well, things got worse after I hit publish on that post. Here’s the lowdown.

Because I’d like to offer you all downloadable content and because I’m developing some courses (that I’m freaking excited about), I decided to upgrade from the Premium Plan to the Business Plan. Less than 24 hours later, I was on the phone with one of WordPress’s Happiness Engineers who told me that I was bound to be disappointed by the Business Plan, that everyone is disappointed in the Business Plan, and that I should move, instead, to and become self-hosted.

Selling points: (1) Far greater customization (2) Self-Hosted comes out to be less money yearly than the Business Plan.

So, with trepidation (because I’ve heard the horror stories from many blogger friends about moving to self-hosted) I decided that Self-Hosted would be the best route for me. My Happiness Engineer assured me that everything would be great. I was still within the 7-day refund window, so it was only a matter of refunding my money and transferring to Self-Hosted instead. Okay, great.

Here’s a loose transcript of the horrors that transpired up till this present moment.

Happiness Engineer (HE): Your website doesn’t seem to want to go back to the Free Plan.

Me: I didn’t have the Free Plan. I had the Premium Plan.

HE: Yes, you’re right. Sorry. It doesn’t seem to want to go back to the Premium Plan. I’ll need to get somebody else on the job.

Me: (frustrated but hopeful) Okay, thanks.

HE: (after some time passes) It’s still not working. I’ll email you when it’s all sorted out.

Later that night…

HE: (through email) We got it back to Premium but we’ve lost your latest content. We’ll try to find it and restore it back to how it was.

HE: (next email) We’ve recovered your missing content. They can be found in your drafts folder if you choose to republish them.


So, my last two posts are sitting in my drafts folder like they’d never been born– all your lovely likes and comments banished to the ether. Long story short, I’ll be reposting them, lol. If you’d be kind enough to shoot them another like, comment, share, that’d be great. Thanks for all of your continued support beautiful people!

You can also check me out on Instagram. I’d love to see you there!


4 thoughts on “Sigh, Technology.

  1. Its not just wordpress, I’ve had similar around various website techies – nightmare! Looking on the bright side though, if it all does disappear into the ether it gives you an oportunity to do something fresh. Always a silver lining 😉 lol
    Hugs hun, deep breaths!
    H xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m telling you, Hilary, if I can just be wealthy enough to have someone work out all the tech problems that arise in my life, I’d be annoyingly happy. And you’re so right, I did go back and add some links I should’ve added before and polished a few things. The bright side of technology Thanks for the positive reminder. 🌞


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