Summer style guide: florals

Summer Style Guide: Florals

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Everything’s coming up flowers today. Just a brief scan around this site will lead you to a very obvious conclusion that I love nature-inspired things, and clothes are no exception. Today I’m giving you a cute little bundle of flowers in the form of dresses and killer pants. Oh yeah, nature can be dangerous, especially when you’re showing some skin. Just wait until you see the mosquito bites!

Let’s get this summer party started. Honestly, I’m full of it. I wear this stuff all year round, but let’s give the people what they want, eh?

Summer style guide: florals

I’ve got this dress in two color palettes. Listen, it’s better to buy less that you like and put out the cash for things that you love. The colors play freaking beautifully together. Bonus: you’ll see me rocking it in the fall with black tights and a soft cardigan.

That’s right, little side boob never hurt anyone. The modesty is in the length. I love the skinny little straps and the racer back. You’ll see in the video down below! This bag was handed down to me by my mom over a decade ago. I like that it’s slim and practically weightless since I’m not a fan of carrying purses.

Here I am in my natural habitat of Fort Lauderdale, soaking up rays like the many iguanas that like to chill out here and watch the boats. It makes me feel richer just standing next to yachts (can never spell this word right the first time) or all sizes and designs.

I don’t normally wear heels with this dress. I thought I’d packed some flats in my bag, but here we are. This dress has a subtle stretch in the fabric which makes it really comfortable. I like the structure of the top and flowiness of the bottom which makes it a good option for dressing it up– think a white blazer with the sleeves rolled up Miami Vice style. Yeah, baby.

Here’s me on a girl’s weekend to South Beach. Blurred out my friend in the back because the spotlight is all mine. I was going for a more vintage look here. We were staying at the most beautiful 1940s built art deco hotel, The Raleigh, so vintage felt very appropriate. I pulled out my vintage suitcase for the occasion.

Vintage shopping note: While this suitcase is called Feather Lite, it isn’t light when it’s stuffed and you have to carry it around. Pack lightly, which is always a good idea anyway.

Florals don’t just belong to dresses, but you knew that. Many moons ago, I showed you all this shirt and explained that I was hesitant to buy it. I mean, it’s loud, kind of granny, and sheer. I wasn’t sure where or how I was going to style it, but it called to my heart. Boy, am I glad I went for it. Plus it was only a couple bucks at the thrift store.

Do yourself a favor and wear a pretty bra if you’re going to go sheer.

The bag is another hand me down from my mom. It’s a little beat up because I wear it constantly and don’t take well enough care of my bags, but do you see the beautiful textured pattern? Insert heart eyes emoji. I love to rub my hands on it.

summer style guide florals

These jeans have a slight bootleg cut which goes well with the vintage/granny quality of the shirt, but it could easily be paired with a fitted black pencil skirt. Toss in a camisole, tuck it in and you’ve got yourself a stunning work outfit.

You’ll remember this dress from my Sarasota trip. I forgot to capture the open back on video, which sucks because that’s my favorite part, but at least we all know it there!

These are another pair of pants that I bought two versions of. They fit perfectly, and they have pockets. My momma ain’t raise no fool.

If there’s a pair of pants I’d like to snuggle up with at night, it’d be these.

Tip: If you don’t own a simple tank like this one, what are you doing with your life? I could never pay this shirt back for everything it’s done for me. Go get you one

Well, that’s all folks. I hope you enjoyed and are inspired to go through your closet and see how you can make florals work for you.

I’d love to know which of these is your favorite look!

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  1. Good morning, I love all of these style tips. I especially like the floral pants. iwannabealady can you please advise on what you think of and if WordPress is a easy or difficult process for a beginner blogger? Help please and thank you.😘

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    1. Hey Mykiesha, I’ve never tried, so I couldn’t speak to that, but I’d say that WordPress is pretty easy for setting up a blog as a beginner. They’ve got tons of tutorials and themes and requires minimal tech knowledge to set up. Good luck on your blogging adventures!


  2. Nice tips πŸ™‚ great posts. Followed you already, you may follow me back to build up a community.. cheers


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