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Fine Lines, Not the Fine Art Kind

It snuck up on me. I’d been hearing its name since childhood, but we’d never been formally introduced. Now this: Lyz-Stephanie, meet Fine Lines. Fml.

My entire life I’ve been blessed with looking young. When I was a wee tot of 23, I would get pissed when dressed in heels and full makeup, I’d get mistaken for a teenager. There was also that time I walked into my old high school, swollen with child, and was asked for my hall pass.

It sounds ridiculous now, but I wanted to be taken seriously, and serious for me meant older, or at least my age. I don’t want to be taken seriously anymore; I just want people to laugh at my jokes and think I’m pretty. It’s a simple life I’m asking for. But now Fine Lines is intruding on my space, killing my vibe, and complicating things.

Of course, no one else gives a damn. If my friends notice, they aren’t saying a word. Probably best. I, however, notice the fact that my laugh lines stick around long after I stop laughing, and that all my past grumpiness and confusion has begun rearing its crow’s-feet on my forehead.

I thought that maybe grey hairs would be what got me, but so far, not a single one; and quite frankly, I think I’d prefer greys. I thought I was better prepared. I’ve read the feminist literature. I’ve looked at the National Geographic photographs of old women in their native garb, eyes barely visible beneath folds of skin. I’ve admired the character in those faces, the life, the journey. None of it is helping now.

I am no Emily Dickinson, death is not stopping for me; his wagon wheels keep turning and Proud Mary is developing fine lines. Okay, there may be one too many references in that sentence.

I’m more like the mother in Sharon Olds poem 35/10. There a mother stands brushing her daughter’s hair and considers the passage of time.

Why is it

just as we begin to go

they begin to arrive, the folds in my neck

clarifying as the fine bones of her

hips sharpen?

Truth is, I spent most of my 20s and 30s at war with my body– beating it into submission through exercise, self-loathing and comparison with others. I’ve lightened up over the years. I know that my fitness goals are always within my reach if I want it badly enough, I just don’t want it badly enough. I’ve made huge strides in learning to feel sensual and sexy in my body no matter the level of fitness I’m currently in.

But what about my face? I will not go gently into that good night. I don’t believe in fighting the passage of time; I do, however, believe in doing what we can to support and maintain our bodies, face included. So what have I been doing and what will I like to do?

Facial Massage

When I’m being good and sticking to my morning routine, I always begin with facial massage on a clean face. Why? I can’t say it any better than certified, licensed aesthetician Laura Smith, so I’m going to work smart, not hard and quote her.

“The facial massage encourages detoxification and lymphatic drainage, which in turn reduce inflammation and swelling, creating more optimum skin health. Skin cells are activated and turn over more rapidly, which results in reduction of puffiness, plumping of fine lines and increases radiance. By increasing blood circulation and oxygen flow to the facial muscles and skin, the face is less likely to fall into deep wrinkles or show signs of physical and/or emotional stress. Facial massage also encourages the development of collagen. Collagen is the support system that keeps the skin firm, supple and elastic. It breaks down as we age, and leaves fine lines and wrinkles in its wake.”

I’ve done a lot of investigation into facial massage, and what really sticks out to me is the variety of techniques that can be used. So my routine includes a little bit of many different techniques. Some I use when I’m short on time, and others when I’m lavishing myself with attention.

Tip: It’s important that you include your neck, and even your chest, into any routine as it facilitates a more complete lymphatic drainage (sounds so sexy, right?).

I’ve recently discovered Dr. Mona Vand on YouTube and I find her videos to be highly informative. She’s for the woman who likes to tow the line between nature and science. In other words, Botox is not her solution to everything.

This article by Glamour UK includes a helpful infographic for specific techniques for your face.

Gua Sha

If you’re a fan of YouTube or Instagram, you’ve probably heard of jade rollers. Every influencer and her momma are sporting it for the cameras and talking about its amazing benefits. But if you’re anything like me, you grow suspicious the minute anything becomes popular with the in-crowd. So I went on an exploratory mission to get to the bottom of it all.

What I found is that I’d much rather invest my money into Gua Sha. I know, it sounds even wackier than a jade roller, but it’s actually a very simple tool for smoothing the facial muscles, assisting with lymphatic drainage, and kicking the shit out of wrinkles. Again, I’m working smart, so I’ll let Aja Dang describe what it’s all about. I love her honesty in this review.

Here is the Gua Sha tool that she’s using and the one that I’m going to try out. This is an affiliate link but won’t cost you a penny more.

So, that’s it for today ladies! Are there any skin treatments or practices that you’ve found helpful?

I’ve gone ahead and linked these videos on my iwannabealady Pinterest if you’d like to watch at a later time.

My name is Lyz-Stephanie and I want to inspire you to be more connected to yourself and the world, to find beauty in simple pleasures, and to have more adventures. Every day we can do something to make our lives happier and richer, make our minds more active and engaged. I’m on the journey. Will you join me?


7 thoughts on “Fine Lines, Not the Fine Art Kind

  1. A couple of weird things. Years ago my Granny came out of the bathroom shaving her face. I was like WTF are you doing? She told me that men exfoliate every day when they shave so she started doing it. Followed by Nivea Men’s Shaving Balm, which is amazing. I put two drops of pure Frankincense Oil and 2 drops of Myrrh Oil and 2 drops of Geranium Essential oil is a dollop of the Balm and use it on my face, neck and chest. Plus I don’t wear makeup and I always wear a huge brimmed hat outside. Smooth as a baby’s butt! lol

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    1. Ah, thanks! I’ve used Vitamin E and Grapeseed oils for my face but have never tried the others. That combination goes back to ancient times, so there must be something to it. So you add it to your moisturizer? I don’t wear makeup on my skin often, but I’m guilty of spending a lot of unprotected time in the sun. I apply sunscreen every morning, but I never reapply. Something for me to work on when I’ll be out for extended periods. Thanks for sharing. I need to get to a Whole Foods already!

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  2. I started getting white hair when I was 21. I wouldn’t have noticed if the woman cutting my hair hadn’t pointed it out. She also was nice enough to note that “oh, your hair is falling out” because apparently stress attacks us where it hurts the most.

    This post makes me want to actually take decent care of myself though…


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