White butterfly Lyz Durand iwannabealady.com nature photographer

The Great Escape?

My t.v. rarely gets turned on, but on Saturday it did. I was minding my business and watching the British comedies when it happened. I came face to face with a weatherman announcing that our first cold front would be arriving on Sunday. I did a dance around my living room and visualized sitting in coffee shops in cardigans.

Here in South Florida, it’s 79 degrees. This is the cold front the weather man was talking about. It’s not what I expect when I hear the word cold, but I’m not complaining. With no humidity in the air, I feel like a frolicking butterfly. My skin has been getting more glowy as the weeks go by which is enough to make anyone frolick. This sort of balmy, breezy weather makes productivity feel like a dirty word invented by soul-crushing fascists.

White butterfly Lyz Durand iwannabealady.com nature photographer
I’m just out here trying to eat and frolick.

I mean, seriously though, why does life have to be this way? Whenever a beautiful day like today is upon me, all I want to do is curse the fact that I’m not independently wealthy. Somewhere out there is a horse, a prairie, a babbling brook and some sort of refreshing alcohol-based drink waiting for me to arrive.

horse Lyz Durand iwannabealady.com nature photographer
Where are you, Lyz-Stephanie? I’m waiting for you.

They say you’ll never receive if you don’t ask, so here it is. Would you like to give me tons of money so that I might retire early, purchase a tiny cabin in the woods, adopt a trusty horse, and spend my days picking wildflowers and taking pictures? Will you be that human in my time of need?

While I await your answer, I’ll leave you with more pictures of my frolicking adventures to encourage your good-natured, giving spirit.

Lyz Durand iwannabealady.com nature photographer
I’m a baby squirrel. Lyz saw me in a tree and thought I was adorable. I love her. I hope she gets to come back and frolick with me one day.
Lyz Durand iwannabealady.com nature photographer
Yes, I’m majestic AF. Lyz is a cool chick. You should support her.
Lyz Durand iwannabealady.com nature photographer
I’ve always wanted to have a proper portrait of myself, but I thought it might never happen. Then, one day, Lyz-Stephanie frolicked into my life and captured this. My wife loves it. Thanks, Lyz! 
Lyz Durand iwannabealady.com nature photographer
Did you even know butterflies could have eyes like this? If not, thank Lyz with early retirement.
Lyz Durand iwannabealady.com nature photographer
I’m here every morning covered in dew drops looking gorgeous and people pass me by. Lyz stopped and took my picture. Now she’s sharing me with the world. That woman is something special. You should definitely help her retire early and get that cabin in the woods where the wildflowers grow. 

I was just going to post their pictures, but they insisted on giving testimonials. Love you, Nature, you’re the best.

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My name is Lyz-Stephanie and I want to inspire you to be more connected to yourself and the world, to find beauty in simple pleasures, and to have more adventures. Every day we can do something to make our lives happier and richer, make our minds more active and engaged. I’m on the journey. Will you join me?

7 thoughts on “The Great Escape?

  1. love these pics. i recently moved to florida and am sorta missing my fall ky weather. but the nature and wildlife here is such an escape from reality! palm trees everywhereeee!

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