Ego vs. Self

I caught myself getting lost in overthinking and being overly critical again. I had to say, listen up Lyz, this being supercritical and overthinking is your way of feeling control. I mean, you relish in finding new ways to critique things.

Then I said, Lyz, you’re trying to protect yourself, I get it. You think that if you catch everything, if you’re perfect, then there will be nothing for anyone to criticize. You think that if you criticize yourself, you’ll get to it before others do. That makes you feel safe and in control.

Except it’s a false sense of control, right?

Overthinking causes you to not take action, which sucks because, at the end of the day, you’ve just got to take action.
And what’s more, you’ll eventually realize that these little things you’re fretting about don’t really matter. It’s your way of feeling in control of something which cannot be controlled, that is, people’s opinion of you, so just do the damn thing already.

Sometimes we’ve got to sit ourselves down for some real talk, am I right?

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