That Other Thing That Disappoints My Mother

Where are your earrings? No necklace? Here we go again… I’m on my way to some family function and my mom points out my lack of detailing. For her, a dress means nothing without jewelry to give it life. Standing before her, I am nothing but an empty shell of a woman who tried to dress up. She’s probably right, I know this. But I … Continue reading That Other Thing That Disappoints My Mother

Grumpy Mom

  Parents, let me ask you a question. If your kids had to come up with a nickname to describe a negative personality trait of yours that, to your chagrin, you haven’t been able to shield them from, what would that name be? Bossy Pants? Angry Man? Toilet Hogger? Screaming Banshee? Mr. Hypocrisy? ¬†Endless Talker? Or perhaps, Ms. What-does-listening-mean-I’ve-never-heard-of-it? A recent conversation with my daughter … Continue reading Grumpy Mom

Spoons and Spaghetti

“Hmm, what an interesting title….these two things clearly don’t go together,” says my curious reader. Well, dear reader, in the world I come from these go together like….spoons and spaghetti. But I make it work nonetheless! Let me explain how the crossroads of my life met one fateful day to reveal the ghetto in me. I had been living in my new condo for a … Continue reading Spoons and Spaghetti