A Lady with Class(es)

“…I learnt early and often that one doesn’t leave a place, class or culture and enter another, but rather holds the privilege and burden of many narratives simultaneously.” – from “Poor Teeth” by Sarah Smarsh This is an excerpt from a profoundly insightful and thought-provoking essay that I read today. The subject itself grabbed my attention because it was about how, in America, our teeth are … Continue reading A Lady with Class(es)

I Wanna Be a Lady… But So Many Books!

I wanna be a lady… but there are so many good books in the world. There’s my dryer full of now cement-hardened wrinkled clothes. There’s the shaving of my legs that must be done. There’s the dresser I’m supposed to paint into something fresh and new. There’s my new artwork I’m supposed to upload to my Etsy store. And always, there’s my damned eyebrows… But, … Continue reading I Wanna Be a Lady… But So Many Books!