Pointing with my knuckles.

I’m a sporadic sort. Flighty, inconsistent, unreliable. I’m a free-spirit damn it! I’m not ashamed of it, but I am often ashamed of the consequences of it. When it comes to my failures at being a lady, the thing that shows my inconsistency more than anything else is probably the condition of my nails. Continue reading Pointing with my knuckles.

The ponytail addict.

┬áSo just like every other woman, I have boxes of hair products: heat protectant, curlers, hot curlers, curling irons, flatirons, moisturizers that you leave in or take out after 20 minutes, smoothers, anti-frizzers, detanglers, conditioners, hair masks (which my hair needs… It’s called weave)– everything a girl possibly needs to have beautiful, luxurious, silky, flowing-in-the-wind hair. And on any given day, what is my hair … Continue reading The ponytail addict.