Impressions While Riding My Bike Fort Lauderdale Beach

Impressions While Riding My Bike: Beach Edition

This is a very exciting installment of Impressions While Riding My Bike. Me and my bike have taken to the road seeking adventure. I’ve been getting to know my neighborhood quite well, and it’s been, so far, an enlightening experience. But as you know, standing in place might as well be moving backwards. So it was time to take on a new challenge and a … Continue reading Impressions While Riding My Bike: Beach Edition

Fort Lauderdale beach

Who Cares About the Stupid Planet Anyway?

I can’t imagine that anyone would seriously say this. It sounds damn ridiculous. However. Everywhere that I look in books and media, I am seeing the devastating effects of plastics on our environment. It’s pretty damn hard to ignore. At least that’s what I thought. You see, I’ve been noticing more and more that all around me the plastic problem doesn’t seem to exist at … Continue reading Who Cares About the Stupid Planet Anyway?

An Earth-Loving Disgrace

So I’ve failed the Earth again. Not only have I forgotten my darned reusable grocery bags for, hell, I don’t know how many times, but Publix Supermarkets (emphasis on super) has run out of paper bags. Really Publix? Often when I ask my grocer for paper bags I feel like a nuisance because the cashier has to leave his or her post to go grab some from the … Continue reading An Earth-Loving Disgrace