Love, Friendship and Control

via Daily Prompt: Control Anthem by Ayn Rand showcases a dystopia of the distant future. It’s about society’s effects on the individual. I’d like to take some time to discuss how it’s ideas might apply to friendship and romantic love. These applications may be old news to you, but I’m excited to share my thoughts and see what you think. Just a note: I will insert a … Continue reading Love, Friendship and Control

This Fan Sucks on the Ground

Today’s Daily Writing Challenge was to write about the creation or invention of something. One of the suggestions was the ceiling fan. It was Florida. It was summer. It was humid. The rain had just ended and the moist air clung to the furniture, wrapped itself around the throats of everyone. The thought of human touch, so pleasing in the winter (whatever two weeks of … Continue reading This Fan Sucks on the Ground