How To Decorate nature-inspired design

How To Decorate: Nature-Inspired Decor

Yesterday my cat dragged in a big curly-tailed Bahamian lizard and laid it on my living room floor. This is when I proceeded to freak out and yell to my neighbor who was outside working on his car to come rescue me from certain doom. My broom was close at hand and he used it to sweep the lizard out as I curled up on … Continue reading How To Decorate: Nature-Inspired Decor


Embrace Your Feminine

Yes, we ladies like to complain about our wombs and ovaries, childbirth, period cramps and hormones. Complaining, if we’re being honest, can feel damn good. Nothing like a little girl talk about sore nipples, hot flashes, widening hips and unsatisfied clits to spice up our evenings. I get it, and I’m with you. But how about we shut up for a bit and embrace the … Continue reading Embrace Your Feminine boudoir photography how to tips

The Beauty of Boudoir, and Why Every Woman Should Do It

The day before my boudoir photo shoot is the feeling beautiful pre-game show. I spend extra time exfoliating and applying natural oils. I drink copious amounts of water for days to ensure plump, hydrated skin. I pull out every piece of lingerie that I own. Silky, lacy, demure, racy; I try them all. I put on music, slip on some heels, dance in front of … Continue reading The Beauty of Boudoir, and Why Every Woman Should Do It