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Rain and My Cluttered Brain

I woke up this morning to subtle rain, not the sort that wakes you in the beautiful way an early morning downpour would. It’s a soft rain, not noticeable until I walk over to the window and pull it open. Rain is running over the round bodies of mangoes hanging low on branches, tapping at blades of grass, glistening on the pavement. The birds twitter … Continue reading Rain and My Cluttered Brain

Outfit Post: White Corduroys & Tee

It ain’t often that you’ll find me wearing white pants. Most of the white pants I’ve tried on throughout my life have been completely see-through. Is it just me, or is there a shortage of non-see-through white pants out there? Thankfully, these cozy, stretchy Old Navy corduroy pants don’t have that problem. I love a good pair of blue jeans, but I think it’s nice … Continue reading Outfit Post: White Corduroys & Tee

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The Universe and Sick Jokes

I need to announce to you all that hours after publishing today’s blog post– Messy Cars Anonymous— I parked under a tree. Yes, my car got shat on by a shit ton of birds. I’m appalled that the Universe would question my integrity and true intentions (to keep my car clean) so suddenly and violently. Without a warning. Okay, real adults would know not to … Continue reading The Universe and Sick Jokes