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Be Thai Spicy or Be Lame

So there are two types of people: Those who see danger and cringe and those who see danger and smile. And while I am normally on the smiling side, I became a scaredy cat in Thailand. When it came to the food that is. Thank goodness we were told before arriving that Thai spicy means you’ll be weeping as the food goes in and weeping as the food … Continue reading Be Thai Spicy or Be Lame

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Zero Dollars Food Challenge 2

Are you ready for another installment of the Zero Dollars Food Challenge? Well here we are, Sunday afternoon. The sun is high in the autumn sky but shadows are being cast everywhere, particularly underneath the large mango tree in the backyard. I look out at it from the window in my living room and, determined to spend more time in nature, it’s decided. I’ll go … Continue reading Zero Dollars Food Challenge 2