Rain and a Big Parking Lot

Good music and fireworks, that’s all we wanted. Yesterday evening, me and my friend pulled into the parking lot of a large stadium. Yes, the clouds were gray. Yes, a few small droplets of rain had sprinkled the windshield. Yes, we decided to go for it anyway. It’s the rainy season in Florida, so getting wet and having fun go hand in hand. We were … Continue reading Rain and a Big Parking Lot

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Women and Beauty: Part Two

I’ve gone ahead and seen my dermatologist. My skin now tastes of medicine, but that’s okay– bring on the medicine. My dermatologist laughed when she looked at my record and pointed out that I’ve got a habit of scheduling an appointment exactly every 3 years. The past 3 months has seen my skin spiraling down a pit of despair, and I wasn’t having it. My skin is one … Continue reading Women and Beauty: Part Two

Outfit Post: White Corduroys & Tee

It ain’t often that you’ll find me wearing white pants. Most of the white pants I’ve tried on throughout my life have been completely see-through. Is it just me, or is there a shortage of non-see-through white pants out there? Thankfully, these cozy, stretchy Old Navy corduroy pants don’t have that problem. I love a good pair of blue jeans, but I think it’s nice … Continue reading Outfit Post: White Corduroys & Tee