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Outfit Post: Gym Clothes

I used to think that walking around the gym with a sports bra and gym pants was just a little bit slutty. Not raging slutty, but low-key slutty. I’m different now. What brought about the change? That’s a good question and I have two answers. I wanted to be comfortable and not give a crap what anyone else thought. I am a sweater. Not the … Continue reading Outfit Post: Gym Clothes

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Outfit Post: Ballerina Skirt and Leather Boots

One of my favorite things about putting an outfit together is creating something that is uniquely mine. I love to have fun with clothes. That’s the point of us not all walking around in uniforms, right? So, if we’ve decided as a society that clothes should be a reflection, then I plan on running with it. If you ask anyone who knows me, they’ll tell … Continue reading Outfit Post: Ballerina Skirt and Leather Boots