iwannabealady.com A stranger in my house. Our family's new cat.

The Stranger In My House

Before you get alarmed, I’d like to say that this stranger is our new cat Daisy. This is the time when a normal blogger with a normal pet would insert a cute photograph and you can say, Awww, how adorable. That’s not gonna happen. Continue reading The Stranger In My House

I Tried It! First Garage Sale

Terrified. That’s the word. Procrastination. That’s the result. Or, that was the result until this past Sunday. Me and the kids threw our very first garage sale. Here’s how it went down, and the lessons learned. Discussion of a garage sale began about 2 years ago, but I won’t start that far back. I could start 2 months ago when I finally got tough and … Continue reading I Tried It! First Garage Sale