20 Organization Tips for The Messy Writer

The writer at his desk is surrounded by crumpled failed drafts, stacks of newspapers and books. He is disheveled, eccentric, misanthropic. In all honesty, I find the image quite noble. Growing up, I wanted to be that person. I wanted the intense focus; the seclusive nature- the endless quiet, save birds and music. I wanted the frustrations and the breakthroughs, the ring of coffee on … Continue reading 20 Organization Tips for The Messy Writer

I Just Lost Something Big

Hello everyone. I just lost something really big. I wrote about 2 paragraphs additions to a blog post that I was working on in my Drafts. I’m usually competent enough technically to resolve issues like this. But I can’t find what could of happened to it. It’s just gone, and all that remains is the simple start, none of the building of details. This hasn’t … Continue reading I Just Lost Something Big