A Dating Guide For Introverts

I came across this great blog post today and thought I’d share. Both introverts and extroverts and anyone in between may find it helpful. Enjoy.

Dating can be tough for anybody, but it was especially rough for an introvert like me. I’ve never liked talking to people I don’t know very well. I’ve never liked unpredictable situations. To make matters worse, people who weren’t familiar with me have always thought I was kind of awkward. Despite these disadvantages, I eventually I […]

via The Introvert’s Guide to Dating — Dysfunctional Literacy

After you read, come back here and let me know your thoughts.

7 thoughts on “A Dating Guide For Introverts

  1. Interesting read. I agree that dating can be tough for everyone. I’m also an introvert and find it hard not just for dating but everyday interaction in general.
    I think the food tip was good and also the script it out tip. I think I do that already and call it play it out lol in my head.

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    1. Hey Britney, there’s definitely pros and cons to singleness and being in a relationship. If you would like to meet someone, try doing things that you love in public, like reading at a cafe instead of at home on the couch, etc. Or going to events that aren’t bars and clubs. There’s a really good book by Matt Hussey called Get the Guy. I really recommend it if you’re interested in finding someone. If you’re happily single than good for you, it’s got it’s own rewards. Glad to hear from you.

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  2. With most anything in life, the more you do something, practice something over and over, learning to fail better each time, the better you become at it. This applies to ANY human interaction at any stage in one’s life whether you are a “couple” or not. This never changes. Once you’ve gained the confidence, experience, and thorough understanding of yourself as well as what works well for you and another, this becomes the context of real, thriving chemistry, for everyone involved:

    Love me without fear.
    Trust me without questioning.
    Need me without demanding.
    Want me without restricting.
    Accept me without change.
    Desire me without inhibition.
    For a love so free…
    Is a love without end.

    Dick Sutphen, except the last line

    The author doesn’t identify themself, but I am not in total agreement with her/him. Yes, first impressions for say the first several weeks or month or two are important, but this EXTRA effort is a double-edged sword. All the suggestions the author offers do indeed show you care and you can be responsible, courteous, etc, but one can go TOO FAR with all the “show” and actually give a FALSE impression of yourself if you are not so like the character you are portraying. Doing too much of your “best foot forward” for too long will only setup a minefield for both of you later. There should be a steady balance of your perfect-self (your effort, discipline, etc.) as well as your raw IMPERFECT-self… take it or leave it, but with tact and dignity for both. Everyone’s an adult, right? 😉

    Lyz, not sure if I’ve shared with you before my all-time favorite poem/prose about true-to-yourself living/dating from Oriah Mountain Dreamer, but here she is in all her spectacular glory! It’s called The Invitation. Here’s the link:



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