Individuality: Look It Up

I find that a lot of strife is caused by us not accepting that everyone has a unique personality. It isn’t always going to make sense to us, but it will make total sense to them. We can’t talk anyone into genuine change. Genuine change is an internal work.

So it’s like this. I keep my aluminum foil in the pantry and my Ziploc sandwich bags under the stove with the trash bags and a very few (yes, I’m guilty) plastic grocery store bags. To me, plastic storage bag type things belong together.

My friend and her daughters are having a little stay at my house. A couple of days ago, in my morning rush, I left the sandwich bags on the counter. The next morning I’m looking all over the kitchen for them. I search everywhere that would make any sense. It’s driving me more crazy than a stupid life thing like this should. I feel a bit of anxiety building up. Where the hell could it have possibly gone? I finally give up and relinquish it to my nightmares. One whole day later, I stumble upon it, along with my aluminum foil, in the utensils drawer! What? Why?

First of all, thank goodness I wasn’t also looking to locate the foil that day. But more importantly, does whoever that put them in there mean to say that long, rectangular, cardboard blue or white containers should logically be placed next to utensils? Pardon my French, but incroyable!

Yet, whatever her reason, it feels right to her. It makes sense. Maybe she was trying to hint to me that my way made no sense. But that’s crazy talk. However, if her way is causing her no unhappiness, then why should I make it my mission to convince her otherwise?

Anyhow, I was thankful that it’s my home, and so I placed my sandwich bags back under the counter and my aluminum back into the pantry. They are related, but it’s gonna be weddings and funerals where they see each other. And the occasional picnic prep.

I also wish to give an honorable mention to those who place peanut butter or ketchup in the fridge, and bread that isn’t about to expire. Ya’ll are weird. But these things make the world more interesting because we get to see you living your freaky life and we love to gawk and say Really? in a high pitched tone.

What about you, Dear Reader? Any nonsensicals going on in your home or the homes of your friends? I’d love to hear from you.


14 thoughts on “Individuality: Look It Up

  1. I laughed so hard at this!! And everything you said is SO true — we are each unique individuals & might as well accept that because otherwise we’ll expend too much effort that could be utilized for better endeavors. I know I perplex my loved ones with some of my wacky house set-up & storage systems. Some things I’ve chosen to change based on suggestions if I find their ideas a better fit, but it has to make sense to me. Still, lots of things simply work for me no matter how odd they seem to others, so I’ll keep doing what I do.
    I have learned that I’m different so I usually just ask where they keep such-and-such & follow along when I’m at their house. I like my ketchup in the fridge but HATE cold peanut butter! Lol. Great post!

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    1. Oh thank you so much! I’m so happy to hear you laughed. It made me smile to read it. I have taken a suggestion or two over the years, but as you say, it had to make sense for me. Most times that I’m looking for something in someone’s kitchen I open the majority of the doors before finding what I need. That’s my hint that I’m a little different. You should try opening all the doors. It’s a cool study into a person’s brain? Maybe? Or maybe I’m just weird…

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  2. Ahahaha, I just loved this one. Once my cousin brother visited me with his family and found salt on the kitchen counter next to the hob. He fell out of his pants. He asked incredulously, “Whoever keeps salt on the counter, you nut? I was going to put it into my cup of coffee!” I said, “If you cannot figure out sugar from salt, I give up.” My kitchen, my rules! Suck on that.

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    1. Ah the sugar/salt conundrum. You sound like a person who likes to keep your seasonings in unmarked pretty containers. I knew I liked you. When it comes to my coffee in foreign places, I always take a dap of it to be sure what it is. Ruined coffee does an ugly Lyz make.
      As a side point, you may not realize, but hob is a word specific to your English. At least I’ve never heard of it. Does hob mean the coffee pot?

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      1. Oh is it? I am sorry for confusing you. It is the electric induction cooking unit that I am referring to. After that I did buy myself a batch of pretty labels (they look like black clouds with white linings) and have labelled everything but a tad too late. The visit from the brother had already taken place.

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  3. I don’t like cold peanut butter, so that stays in the cabinets, and I don’t like warm/room temped ketchup, so that stays in the fridge. I also enjoy my cake cold, so that stays in the fridge as well. 🙂

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    1. Ketchup in the fridge is an abomination, and cold cake too! It’s a good thing we aren’t roommates lol. Every time we’d come home something would be moved from where we had left it. 🙂 I kept my jelly out of the fridge most of my adult life until a friend pointed out it should be refrigerated. Just goes to show how effective and scary preservatives are…

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      1. I keep all my condiments in the fridge. I think I’m just accustomed to it at this point. And I’m not sure where the love of cold cake came from (not that a temped cake would keep me from devouring it). 🙂

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  4. What about you, Dear Reader? Any nonsensicals going on in your home or the homes of your friends?

    So excited you asked! 😀 Yes! Toothpaste-tubes MUST (non-negotiable!) be free to be whomever and whatever they choose! No OCD behavior on tooth-paste tubes. Period! Second, toilet-paper flows OVER THE TOP or more functionally… completely off the spindle, free to be whomever and whatever it chooses how to flow! No OCD behavior on toilet-paper. Period! Repression, oppression, or dictatorships do NOT belong in the bathroom! *mic drop*


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    1. I am so gosh-darned glad that I asked. I like to think I’ve let my toothpaste at least taste a little freedom. My tp has been known to have long periods of free rolling all over the bathroom. All I ask is that if he lives on my toilet paper holder he follow my toilet paper holder rules. Flow… Over The Top, of course. Hello Comrade.

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